Blade Runner: The script for the live action series is in preparation

Already expanded recently since the arrival of Black Lotus, the anime series set between the two cinematic films, the universe of Blade Runner could soon expand further thanks to a live action series for which the script is now being written.

The script for the Blade Runner live action series is in the works

This was confirmed by the director of the first film as well as the father of the franchise, Ridley Scott, who, speaking to the BBC, revealed that the project developed by Noah Hawley for FX, which has been rumored for a long time in recent months, it is actually in the writing phase.

Apparently, the first season of the show will have a total duration of about 8/10 hours and the script of the pilot episode is ready to be approved:

We already wrote the pilot for Blade Runner and guidelines. So we are already presentingBlade Runner like a show, the first 10 hours.

Unfortunately, the information about it ends here. In fact, we do not know what story this new series will tell, nor in what period it will be set (or when we will be able to see it on the small screen). We will keep you updated as there are new developments.

What do you think of the idea of ​​a series set in the Blade Runner universe? Let us know via a comment below!


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