Bleu Jour secures its mini PC with an NFC card

Data protection has emerged as a major concern for users, businesses and all organizations. The French manufacturer Bleu Jour offers an innovative and original solution with Kubb Secure.

It’s difficult to keep a cool head today between all the threats to our personal data. Between theft, hacking passwords and messaging, spying on a large scale, digital identity theft, phishing attempts … You have to be prepared to deal with any eventuality, and it can be exhausting .

An Android smartphone and a card to lock the PC

Bleu Jour offers a security solution that is out of the ordinary. The Kubb Secure is a mini PC with secrets impossible to steal thanks to a security card. The principle is to lock access to the computer through an Android application, which will isolate the PC after the NFC scan of the Green Tech Secure Card. Unlocking the Kubb Secure takes place in the same way, by passing the card behind the smartphone at its NFC chip.

The French manufacturer called on Freemindtronic, an expert in cybersecurity solutions specializing in NFC technology, to isolate the PC from computer systems. In fact, once locked with the card, the Kubb Secure and the data it contains are completely inviolable, promises Bleu Jour.

The Kubb Secure card is made of epoxy based on fiberglass and works for life without a battery. It saves the secrets for 40 years, without a source of energy; it will resist water up to 45 meters deep, and heat (up to 121 degrees). Bleu Jour offers a 40-year guarantee!

The mini PC and its NFC security card will be available during this first quarter. Prices have not been specified.

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