blockchain games no longer have their place on the Store

The future of video games is in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. But South Korea disagrees.

South Korea is definitely not done with the App Store and Google Play Store. While the two application downloads platforms are in the sights of the country’s High Competition Authority, other administrations are also looking into the rules of these two platforms.

While gambling has always been banned on this kind of platform (only sports betting and online poker applications are the exception), now South Korea, which has the strictest laws in all of the world. ‘Asia concerning gambling, has just been tightened up.

Cryptocurrencies and NFT, the new banned

Indeed, in order to circumvent the prohibitions put in place by Apple and Google, the developers had found their solution in cryptocurrencies and other NFTs. While the latter are having disproportionate growth, the developers themselves offered them as a reward to its most deserving players who could then resell the token.

But this practice has lasted long enough according to the GRAC (Game Rating and Administration Committee). It has just decided that these applications will no longer have their place in the South Korean versions of the App Store and the Play Store.

The fight against blockchain-based games is not new to GRAC. In 2019 already the committee had refused to rate the popular Infinity Star, developed in the country and which was very successful.

An industry condemned to death

This decision made the GRAC quite unpopular in the country, which is seen as the one who “sentenced the blockchain gaming industry in the country to death.”

As far as the developers are concerned, they were forced to mark the occasion. While the GRAC forced them into exile, they still hope to be able to plant themselves in the future in the south of the Asian peninsula. According to them, the position of the Korean committee will soften over time, but this difference of opinion is causing them to waste precious time in the development of this nascent technology.

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