Blow up your PC with this ultra-fast, ultra-reduced SSD hard drive

The hard drives they have been, for years, one of the burdens of computers. Mechanical drives, although cheap and high-capacity, offer very slow read and write speeds, something with which nothing happened years ago, but given the current power of computers, it is a serious problem. That is why solid state drives, or ssd, They have gained so much popularity in such a short time, and it is that a simple change of the hard drive can make our old computer work like new.

The problem with SSDs is that they are usually much more expensive than a conventional hard drive, especially the greater the capacity we are looking for. While a 4TB hard drive, for example, is within everyone’s reach, a 4TB SSD can cost more than 3 times. And much more if, instead of a normal SSD, we bet on the new NVMe SSDsthe ultra-fast hard drives that are increasingly being used in laptops, desktops, and even in the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles.

Ultra fast NVMe SSD for 50 euros less

If you need one of these storage units to expand the capacity of your computer, and make Windows, programs and games work much faster, today we find a new Black Friday offer on PC Components that allows us to get a Kioxia Exceria Pro 1TB of capacity with a discount of 24%, that is, for 50 euros less than what it normally costs.

This is a PCIe Gen 4×4 type solid state hard drive, with NVMe 1.4 technology, with a capacity of 1 TB. With it we can achieve reading speeds of 7300 MB/s and writing speeds of 6400 MB/s, with a useful life of more than 1.5 million hours in operation.

Taking advantage of the Black Friday price of PC Components, this NVMe SSD is left to us in just €149.99, an excellent price for this type of device. In addition, as usual with products sold by PC Components, shipping is completely free.

Run! Units are limited, as it is a Black Friday promotion. As PC Components offers us the possibility of returning the product for free, and without problems, we can take advantage of this offer, buy it, test it thoroughly and decide if we like it and it adapts to what we are looking for without haste. Without offer, this SSD is between 200 and 250 euros, so, without a doubt, it is a great opportunity.

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