Bluetooth headphones, how do you know when you need one?

As the years go by or due to circumstances beyond our control, we may lose our hearing and need an assistive device to hear normally. However, one of the improvements that we have seen in recent years among the devices for people with said difficulty is loa to Bluetooth headphones. What are they?

First of all, we must clarify that under the signifier hearing aids in Spain we refer to devices to improve the sense of hearing for people who for one reason or another hear less than normal. We clarify this by the fact that we know that in some Spanish-speaking American countries, hearing aid is often used as a synonym for earphone.

What are Bluetooth hearing aids?

A hearing aid is a device that is placed in the ear and looks like an in-ear headphone They can be located by wearing a clip that allows the user to hear better from that ear. It is, therefore, an electronic device that performs the same functions as traditional glasses or glasses. Normally, they are associated with being older, but whether due to an accident or congenital causes, we know that there are people of younger generations who use them.

The big problem is when using new technologies, such as using a mobile phone or watching a movie at home. In the case of continuous and non-interactive media, audio via Bluetooth is not a problem, since despite adding latency, it does not lack synchronization with the visual action. Well, what you have to know is that There are headphones with Bluetooth. Therefore, if you need to talk on the phone, or have a video conference, you can use them without problems as if they were traditional in-ear headphones and listen to the clean and crystalline conversion.

How do I know I need them?

This answer must be answered by your specialist, who will not only tell you if they are necessary or not after a hearing loss, but will also adjust and calibrate to your problem. What you do have to do is tell him that you want Bluetooth headphones, which models there are many.

Of course, once you have it, make sure you unsynchronize them when you are not seeing anything or talking to other people. At least once you have them you will not have to be with your ear glued and mishearing telephone conversions. In addition, you have to take into account that they are not exactly cheap, since They can cost you the same as a brand new computer.

Console manufacturers haven’t thought about it

On the other hand, what does seem like a court of law to us is the fact that except for Nintendo with its Switch console, both PlayStation and Xbox do not support Bluetooth Audio directly on their consoles. The reason? The latency that it adds in the games that ends up generating a latency between what is seen and heard. It’s a shame due to the fact that not only are there new generations of players, but the existing ones haven’t stopped doing it. Think that those who played as teenagers in the 80s have already reached their fifties.

Although it is rare for a person of the same age to have hearing problems, this demonstrates the problem of the Bluetooth standard, which does not take into account the issue of games. This is why many wireless headphones use RF connections. The problem? Obviously, we can’t use our Bluetooth headphones. Which means that people with partial deafness cannot enjoy the audio of their favorite games well.

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