BLUETTI EP500 Pro, already in Europe the portable solar generator for the whole house

The world is overly dependent on electricity. It is so obvious that a mere 1 hour blackout in a certain area of ​​a city causes chaos. We need it for everything, but we pollute and spend too many resources on generating it at the same time that we do not take into account others that would help us, and that right now are more necessary than ever given the current energy situation between the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Luckily there are companies like BLUETTI concerned with offering alternatives in terms of renewable energy in the form of power stations.


Surely you have ever run out of battery in your mobile phone, and for this you have connected the charger or a small wireless charging device. Now imagine that, but in a big way, capable of charging not only 12v devices such as a mobile phone, but also 220v devices such as a television, a blender, a dryer… That allows you the BLUETTI EP500 Pro,

After a more than successful self-financing campaign on the Kickstarter platform, this energy storage system for the home has a capacity of 5.1kWh per LiFePO4 cell, making it smaller and more versatile than other seasons. With four smooth-rolling transport wheels, the EP500Pro is not intended to be a large wall-mounted or garage-mounted solar battery, rather it is a plug-N-play, “no-install” powerhouse that can easily move to the desired place whenever necessary.

Your source of energy in case of outage or blackout

Designed to cover “essential needs” during power outages, The EP500 Pro comes equipped with a massive 3000W pure sine wave AC inverter, 5100Wh battery pack and LiFePO4 battery. Ultra-durable and secure, the BLUETTI EP500Pro can provide backup power whenever the blackout strikes or when power outlets are out of reach.

Equipped with UPS function (Uninterruptible Power Supply) 24/7the EP500Pro can take care of 99% of an off-grid home’s energy needs in just 20 milliseconds when the power goes out, including energy-intensive appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, washing machine or even the garage heating.

Loading time

Discarding the concept of gasoline, the BLUETTI EP500 Pro uses up to three ways to recharge its batteries. The first is by connecting it directly to a power outlet at home, which with a maximum input of 1800W allows it to be recharged by 80% in three hours. The second is using the 350W portable solar panel from BLUETTI – SP350, which together with the MPPT solar inverter of the EP500 Pro and a maximum solar input of 2400W allows you to recharge from 0 to 80% in just 2 hours with the sunrise sun.

The third is the so-called Super Charge, a combination of solar and AC power simultaneously that provides a maximum input of up to 5400W, which makes The battery charges from 0 to 80% in just one hour.

Maximum mobility: Wheels and mobile application

Another advantage of the BLUETTI EP500 Pro is its portability and mobility both for transfer and handling. The charging station weighs less than 83 kilos and is as compact as a home air purifier, Being able to move easily thanks to the 4 wheels that it mounts, either from one part of the house to another or taking it on a trip by car.

And the best thing is that the BLUETTI EP500Pro is now compatible with a mobile application of the company available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, with which to remotely monitor and operate the unit, without having to get close to determine the remaining battery or inverter capacity.

Price, how much does the anti-blackout colossus cost?

Just landed in the old continent, for customers living in Europe the BLUETTI EP500Pro is already in stock and delivery would take only 7 to 12 working days after ordering, with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. As for the prices, BLUETTI is offering a massive discount for the premiere of its flagship model in Europe: For the debut, the starting price for the EP500Pro comes with a direct discount of €700 and starts at just €4,999 (limited to 60 units). ), and the next offer will go up to €5,299 (€400 discount, also limited to 100 units).

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