BLUETTI EP600 and B500, energy storage systems

Compared to other solar generators on the market, the EP600 comes with a hybrid inverter system inside, which means plugging the solar panels into the generator is enough to charge it, no other solar inverter or MPPT controller is needed. . The EP600’s UPS system will seamlessly transition during power outages, providing its constant backup and keeping all devices running smoothly. In other words, we are facing a Giant UPS for the whole house which can also be loaded with solar panels.

For his part, the B500 is an expansion battery that features 4,960 Wh LFP battery cells with a 10-year lifespan, much longer than what the competition offers in this segment. Each EP600 is capable of holding up to 16 B500 batteries, which means you could reach a capacity of 79.3 kWh, enough to cover all the energy needs of a house for a long time! The B500 battery pack’s self-heating system is designed to overcome the limitations of low ambient temperatures during winter, making it much more reliable even on cold winter days.

Equipped with a high-strength aluminum alloy casing, this system has IP65 rating to protect it from dust, wear and water. Furthermore, since it generates less than 50 dBA of noise during its operation (in standby it is totally silent), it can be installed without problems both indoors and outdoors (although it is suggested to use a cabinet to protect it from sunlight if you decide to install it). outside). Unlike most home power systems, you don’t even need to mount it on the wall, just stack the EP600 and several B500 battery packs on the floor and connect all the necessary cables; the reservation system will be ready to go in no time.

How does the EP600 help you with your electricity bill?

Europe is facing the worst rise in the cost of living in decades, with electricity bills skyrocketing for both businesses and homes. Solar power is badly needed to fundamentally change the way people access sustainable energy, while also achieving savings. As the sun rises, the EP600 captures and converts sunlight into ready-to-use energy. Using solar and grid power is recommended when the price of power is low, but in the meantime, any excess can be stored in batteries for later use or even sold to power companies to earn commissions.

solar installation

Electric power is usually more expensive in the evenings, when there is more sunlight. When connected with solar panels, the EP600 supports up to 6,000W input, which means a full charge of a combo of EP600 and 2 B500s will be done in just 2.2 hours. With abundant power in reserve, the EP600 is capable of operating independently and powering the home during peak hours (typically 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.) and becoming the sole source of power for the house, making it an efficient method for save quite a bit on the bill.

Price and availability

The official launch of the BLUETTI EP600 and B500 will be on November 1 at 10:00 a.m. in certain countries, such as Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg), Poland and Austria.

The advance sale price of the combo (which includes an EP600 and 2 B500) is €8,999 and of 3,000 euros for the B500 until December 31, and free shipping is expected to start from the end of November.

Finally, 24×7 customer support, 10-year warranty coverage and optional on-site installation service are also available for added peace of mind for users.

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