BMW i4: price and range drop to compete with Tesla Model 3

BMW has just presented the i4 eDrive35, a new version of its electric sedan. Displayed from €53,550, it is designed above all to compete with the Tesla Model 3. Only to reach this price, the manufacturer had to make concessions on autonomy and power.

Credits: BMW i4 edrive40

By launching the BMW i4, its very first electric sedan, in June 2022, the German manufacturer offered a strong competitor to the Tesla Model 3, the current market leader. Nevertheless, it was necessary to compose with a price definitely higher than that of the American, since the BMW i4 eDrive40 is trading from 63,350 euros.

However, BMW has decided to remedy this problem by launching a brand new version of its electric sedan: the BMW i4 eDrive35. This variant is displayed from €53,550, or 60 € more than the basic Model 3 in France. Recall that Tesla has continued to increase the prices of its cars in recent months. In the United States, the entry ticket for a Model 3 is now 46,700 dollars, against 35,000 dollars a few years ago.

BMW i4 eDrive 35: a softer price to rub shoulders with the Model 3

Of course, to reach this price, BMW had to make some concessions in particular on the power of the electric motor and on the autonomy. Although it is based on the architecture of the eDrive40, this new i4 embeds a smaller engine. Power goes to 210kWor 286 hp, compared to 340 hp for the eDrive40. The maximum torque is 400 Nm.

The engine is still installed at the rear of the vehicle, and still displays respectable performance: 0 to 100 km/h is always done in 6 seconds. No, the real changes are more on the battery side. Net capacity goes from 80.7 kWh to 68 kWhand inevitably, autonomy is reduced.

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BMW i4 edrive35
Credits: BMW i4 edrive40

Inevitable concessions on autonomy

If the eDrive40 could travel up to 590 km, the 35 displays 490 km with a full load in WLTP mixed cycle. Regarding charging, the manufacturer announces up to 11 kW in alternating current and 180 kW in direct current. The standard equipment includes in particular headlights and LED lights, a set of curved screens for navigation, the reversing camera without forgetting the heat pump.

According to the German manufacturer, the BMW i4 eDrive35 will go into production in November 2022 at the BMW Group plant in Munich. With this new model, the brand announces that electric cars will account for 50% of total production volume in 2023. Remember that BMW is committed to having its fully electric vehicles represent more than 50% of its global sales by 2030.

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