BMW presents the augmented reality windshield that will equip its electric cars from 2025

BMW has issued a press release in which it gives more details on the panoramic display that the company’s electric vehicles will benefit from from 2025.

BMW Panoramic Vision
Credit: BMW

BMW gives us a bit more insight into life inside its vehicles based on the Neue Klasse platform. If the company had taken advantage of CES 2023 to present the i Vision Dee concept car and its giant windshield with head-up display, we were waiting to see a model in real life. Oliver Zipse, CEO of BMW, presented the windshield using this technology, the BMW Panoramic Vision.

According to the company, the Neue Klasse platform “establishes new standards in digitization, sustainability and design for electric cars. As its name suggests, the Panoramic Vision projects information across the entire width of the windscreen, intended for all the occupants of the car while offering an interactive surface easily accessible to the driver. Like companies such as Apple and its Apple Glass, AR / VR glasses, the automaker therefore wants to offer a mixed reality windshield.

The Panoramic Vision display will free up space in the interior of electric BMWs

Major changes are to be expected in terms of the interior fittings of the brand’s vehicles. A BMW executive elaborates: “the image projection will purify the structure of the passenger compartment and give an impression of space”. When will we be able to take advantage of this immersive technology? From 2025, if we are to believe the company. It is whispered like this 6 new car models based on the Neue Klasse platform will be marketed between 2025 and 2027.

The BMW Panoramic Vision head-up display will be part of the equipment offered (standard or optional, to be determined). At the same time, BMW will also evolve iDrive, the home control and operating system. In the company’s own words, “this will mean a wider offer of digital content […] shorter update cycles, better information on charging stations for electric vehicles and improved access to a multitude of specific online services”.

Source : BMW

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