BMW turns your next car into a cinema on wheels

BMW wants to invite entertainment into the interiors of its cars, with a screen that has nothing to envy those of dark rooms.

BMW is taking advantage of the CES currently being held in Las Vegas to lift the veil on some of these concepts. After presenting a prototype of an ultra powerful electric car, the iX M60, but also a car capable of changing color on its own, the German manufacturer does not intend to stop there. Indeed, following these first two announcements, the blue and white firm took advantage of its passage through Nevada to make even more unexpected presentations.

Because after all, innovation is (above all) where you least expect it. BMW has therefore decided to offer a 31-inch 8k screen in its cars, enough to make them into real movie theaters on wheels. This is not the first time that a car brand has offered a vehicle with a screen to distract passengers during the journey, but it is the first time that the latter has been so imposing.

Indeed, LCD screens have been present for years on the back of the front seats, or in the ceiling. But they had never been the same size as the television which can be seen in our living room. Yet BMW has done it. A 31-inch diagonal screen, of crazy dimensions. We’re talking about a 32: 9 aspect ratio product here, making it easy to watch a 16: 9 movie, all with content that also displays on the sides of the screen.

BMW’s Theater Scence a 31-inch screen © BMW

With an astounding image resolution, this screen can easily broadcast a film in 4K thanks to its 8000 x 2000 pixels. A magnificent screen therefore, which would make many salons jealous. But it doesn’t end there. Because BMW knows very well, having a superb screen so that nothing can be displayed on it is very silly.

A real cinema atmosphere at the back

The Munich firm therefore found the solution by joining forces in this crazy project with Amazon. The screen therefore has an Amazon Fire TV key, which allows content to be broadcast directly from a smartphone or computer. It also has its own, independent 5G connection, which allows it to broadcast directly on the road (if the network allows it).

Regarding the light or possible reflections that could spoil the experience, again, BMW has already thought about it. Indeed, the car will automatically lower the sun visors on the side windows and on the rear window, so as to darken the vehicle as much as possible, thus giving a rendering close to the cinema (in the first row on the other hand).

Marketing impossible today

For the moment, although the plan to turn the backseat of its car into a movie theater seems to have thrown the crowds in Las Vegas, BMW has remained very discreet on a possible launch date for such a product. Indeed, according to many experts, this type of product can never be approved on a car that is not 100% autonomous. The presence of a cinema screen directly behind the driver’s head is far too great a distraction for such devices to be allowed on the road.

It should also be noted that the presence of a screen of this size could be a considerable inconvenience for motorists who would cross the road of this futuristic vehicle. They could be destabilized by it, which could lead to a drop in their level of concentration. In short, this kind of product may make us dream, we are not ready to cross one at a red light when leaving our house, at least not right away.

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