BMWs are shipped without Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to avoid delivery delays

BMW is temporarily shipping some new vehicles without support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay after changing chip vendors, but cars should receive an update within a few months to fix this issue.

Due to the current chip shortage, BMW is temporarily shipping some vehicles without support for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, according to a new report from Automotive News Europe. BMW reportedly changed chip supplier recently because of supply problems at its usual supplier, and therefore began to use a SoC that does not fully support Android Auto or CarPlay.

This is therefore the second time that BMW has made concessions on its new cars, since it had already deprived certain models of touch screens because of the shortage. Customers had received a voucher of 500 eurosbut it would seem that the customers affected are not entitled to any compensation this time around.

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Which BMW vehicles are affected by the chip shortage?

It is not the first manufacturer to deliver its cars without some important features. For example, Tesla had shipped some Model 3 and Model Y without a USB port. In an email to affected customers, the German automaker has confirmed that certain vehicles built between January and April this year contain chips that require a software update in order to offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

BMW did not reveal how many vehicles were affected by this chip change or the models affected. However, cars that do not have Android Auto or CarPlay should have a production code with the designation “61P”.

According to several BMW car owners on car forums, it seems that French, Italian, Spanish, English and American vehicles now lack both Apple and Google infotainment systems. Fortunately for all impacted owners, BMW told Automotive News Europe that it would install software features via an over-the-air update by the end of June.

Source : Automotive News Europe

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