B&O launches a stunning 83-inch 4K OLED TV that “hides away” when you’re not using it

The Danish manufacturer is one of the great references when it comes to buying all kinds of sound products. For example, they recently presented their new TWS Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EX headphones, a product that can stand up to the best solutions on the market. And now, B&O has just surprised us with a new OLED TV that boasts a unique design.

We are talking about the Beovision Harmony, a 83-inch model and 4K resolution to offer the best user experience, combining unquestionable image quality with the best Bang & Olufsen technology to offer a truly scandalous sound.

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A television with a design that falls in love

Say this product is an OLED Smart TV that uses LG solutions, and that also boasts a frame with oak finishes to offer an imposing appearance. And beware, two powerful speakers are hidden inside with a design that partially hides the TV, which has been created on purpose, to achieve a more impressive appearance.

As you can see in the video that heads these lines, the Bang & Olufsen Premium OLED Smart TV offers a performance that looks like a choreography. The speakers will pop up automatically the moment you turn on the TV, looking reminiscent of butterfly wings. During the process, the speakers are raised to deliver the best sound. And in the event that you no longer want to use the television, by pressing the off button, its retractable system will return the speakers to their initial position, protecting the Smart TV and turning it into a piece of furniture with a different design.

To this must be added teak, oak and aluminum finishes for its speaker system, which is also covered by a two-tone fabric to simulate the effect of aluminum. Without a doubt, a luxurious product that will allow you to show off its design, in addition to enjoying a great experience.

Without a doubt, a product that, on an aesthetic level, draws a lot of attention. And what about image quality? That it has a visual landscape beyond all doubt More than anything because inside it hides a LG OLED display, the same one used by the acclaimed LG OLED C1 that left us with such good impressions after testing it. Come on, the new solution from the manufacturer based in Denmark points ways. Of course, its price will make more than one user think twice: the new 83-inch OLED television it will cost 23,000 euros

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