BOE presents a monitor with a record refresh rate of 500 Hz

The Chinese screen manufacturer unveils a monitor offering a refresh rate of 500 Hz. Record fluidity for a 27-inch panel displaying 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

Forget 360 Hz screens, the future belongs to 500 Hz panels if we are to believe BOE. The Chinese screen manufacturer is not the best known to the general public, but its LCD and OLED panels equip many devices from Asus or Huawei. Its name is also regularly associated with that of Apple, to offer an alternative to Samsung Display or LG Display panels.

BOE is again in the news, following the announcement by Chinese media of the arrival of the first monitor capable of reaching 500 Hz. Presented in China, the BOE screen is equipped with a slab of 27 inches displaying a Full HD definition (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). The manufacturer indicates that it has used metal oxides to achieve this record fluidity, with a response time of 1 ms. The use of this material instead of copper makes it possible to achieve such a fast display, but also to continue to reduce electricity consumption. Regarding connectivity, eDP technology with an 8-bit display is mentioned. If the prospect of playing on a 27-inch screen in 1080p does not necessarily make gamers salivate, this refresh rate of 500 Hz is a record.

Currently, there are 360 ​​Hz screens from several renowned manufacturers such as Asus, Alienware, AOC, MSI or Acer. The BOE screen, which is still in the prototype stage, also does a little better than the 480 Hz achieved by that of its rival LG. It remains to be seen when the Chinese firm intends to launch such a screen on the market.

Still in prototype stage

For the time being, BOE does not mention the price or the release date of a 500 Hz monitor. We can nevertheless expect the manufacturer to approach certain manufacturers in the coming months. As for the players, they will have to equip themselves with equipment capable of managing such a display frequency. In absolute terms, we can hope for an improvement in fluidity and a reduction in latency in games.

By then, we will also have to hope for the end of the global shortage of components and for the price of graphics cards to continue to fall. And while not every game needs such a high refresh rate, competitive titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Where Dota 2 could benefit from this progress. As part of this announcement, BOE also announced its first 120Hz 8K TV with a 110-inch diagonal.

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