BOE presents its panels of more than 500 Hz for gaming monitors

we can find in the market gaming monitors with high refresh rates, especially in 1080p resolutions. These monitors with rates of 144 Hz, 240 Hz or even 360 Hz are intended for competitive games such as Fortnite or CS:GO. For these games, great image accuracy is important to hit the action.

BOE announces a new 500 Hz gaming monitor panel

This new type of BOE panel makes use of advanced metallic copper oxide technology. It allows mobility to be much better and also, the resistivity is significantly reduced. The charging rate limitation is also removed due to greatly decreased charging times. All these elements allowr Ultra-high refresh rates of over 500 Hz.

Something interesting is that new liquid crystal techniques have been used for this. The pixel structure and OD of the circuit unit have also been optimized. A set of adjustments and improvements to achieve a speed of blazing fast 1ms response.

Through this 500+ Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time, bad experiences can be resolved. We should not have any issues with screen freezing, image tearing or smearing. Everything to achieve an immersive and fluid gaming experience.

This is based on high-speed signal technology based on impedance matching. By doing this, BOE can guarantee the quality of the data transmission signal with ultra-high refresh rate while the display is charging. It allows to offer better visual effects to the users.

It appears that BOE has a full range of 500hz displays for laptops, monitors and televisions. What we do not know is which manufacturers will begin to offer products based on these new panels.

A luxury product for a few

The arrival of 480 Hz (AU Optronics) or 500 Hz (BOE) panels is very good news because it means that work is being done to offer better solutions to gamers. These products will be really exclusive, since they will initially be very expensive.

The ideal would be to innovate in improving the solutions that exist in the market and to reduce prices. Currently, there are good quality monitors with optimal refresh rates, but when we go to 144 Hz or more in 1080p resolutions, most exceed 200 euros on the street.

The standardization of resolutions higher than 1080p, such as 1440p or 4K, is still lacking. These gaming monitors are still very expensive and inaccessible to most users. We will see if the arrival of these new monitors means that the price of existing monitors is lowered, although it seems unlikely.

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