Bolsonaro uploaded a video about Covid-19 and AIDS, but Facebook downloaded it for sharing ‘fake news’

Facebook deleted a video last Thursday in which the president of Brazil, Jair bolsonaro, mentioned one false information circulating on social networks associating the coronavirus vaccine with AIDS.

Although Facebook had already removed content from the president related to Covid-19, it is the first time that delete your weekly connection on the social network.

Bolsonaro mentioned the existence of a message saying that there are official reports from the UK government that “suggest” that the fully vaccinated are developing the AIDS disease “much more rapidly than anticipated.”

“I recommend that you read the news. I am not going to read it here because I may have problems with my + live +”, said the president.

The information, shared at least 390 times by social media users since last October 20, was disproved by the British government to the fact-checking service of the AFP agency.

They deny information from the video

The Brazilian Society of Infectologya clarified on Saturday in a statement that “there is no known relationship between any vaccine against Covid-19 and the development of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.”

This Monday morning, the video of the far-right president’s accounts could not be accessed on Facebook and Instagram, social network of the same group.

“Our policies do not allow claims that Covid-19 vaccines kill or cause serious harm to people,” a company spokesperson stated. Scientific studies so far have shown that coronavirus vaccines are safe.

The AFP asked the president’s press office for a reaction, but received no response.

Bolsonaro often shares ‘fake news’

Facebook had already removed a video in March in which Bolsonaro, a critic of preventive measures and anti-Covid vaccines, encouraged crowds, at a time when in Brazil some 2,500 people died daily from coronavirus.

He was removed from his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The president is often accused of spreading false news. In August, the Federal Supreme Court decided to investigate him for crimes of “slander” and “incitement to crime,” among other causes related to his unproven questioning of the electronic voting system in Brazil.

With information from AFP


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