BonfotonUP turns any room into a camera obscura

How a camera obscura works

The camera obscura concept It goes back to the year 1604, although it is actually older and there are those who believe that it was invented in Baghdad in the 10th century AD. However, in that year of 1600 was when Johannes Kepler used the term to describe how this particular invention worked.

Since then, the optical instrument was not only important for the future development of the telescope, but also for the birth of photography itself. So surely you are already realizing why it is still something that attracts so much attention when it comes to talking about it.

Regarding the operation, which is what matters if you still did not know the concept, it is quite simple. The camera obscura is basically a box where the light only enters through a small hole on one of its walls. Thus, due to how the light is programmed, the outside image is projected on the opposite wall or surface.

Of course, the image is inverted by the same rectilinear propagation of light, but it can be inverted again through the use of lenses. So it is not difficult to obtain a projection of the outside that is seen in a normal way inside said dark chamber.

BonfotonUP, create a camera obscura wherever you want

Knowing how a camera obscura works, the BonfotonUP it is nothing more than a device that allows you to create your own camera obscura wherever you go. You will only need a space where you can control (cover) all the light that can enter from outside so that it is completely dark and then set a point where the light will enter and where you will place the device.

In the video that you can see below you can clearly see how it works and all that it allows. Because one of the attractions of this BonfotonUP is not only that the image looks good and not inverted, also that there is options to use different lenses and even modify the inclination of the lens so that the projected image is what interests us.

As you can see, the results and uses that can be given to it are so varied that it is a very interesting tool for both creative and educational purposes. Because you could get projections on the walls that would serve as a background for the images that you could later photograph, to generate timelapses or even, for that part of education, explain how photography works.

In short, a device that for image lovers and creative and educational activities, I am sure that you are interested and like. The only negative point is the price, 439 euros. A somewhat high price if it is only out of curiosity what you want it, so in those cases try to create your own shot, despite being more limited.

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