Bonitasoft presents a tool that facilitates testing and deployment of automation projects

The open source digital process automation company Bonitasofthas presented a tool to enhance your core Bonita digital process automation platform. Is named Nice Test Toolkit and it is designed so that developers have more facilities in their work. This tool, as well as the rest of the platform’s new features, will be included as of its Bonita 2022.1 version.

With the Bonita Test Toolkit, developers have more options and facilities to test, deploy, and deliver projects related to business process automation. And by having more and better testing options, Bonita projects make testing more stable and developers more confident in the changes they make.

This new test toolkit does more than speed up testing and deployment of automation projects. It also allows you to test them step by step and end to end, and do it more efficiently. To do this, developers have options to write and run tests locally, in the Bonita Studio development environment, or in any other remote environment, as long as it’s not production.

Bonita Test Toolkit can be run from the command line, from an IDE, or in continuous integration. In addition, it is also integrated in Nice Continuous Deliveryto include testing in the delivery process.

Apart from the new version of Bonita, and the Bonita Test Toolkit, the company has also announced a new Docker image, as well as more stable update management for user authorizations, in order to achieve more robust security. It has also designed a new update tool for Bonita, which is adapted to all the announced changes.

The Docker image of Pretty 2022.1 it is updated. Its healthcheck option takes care of checking all its levels, and if something goes wrong, it is detected immediately, with the aim of managing a solution immediately. Users can use the Bonita Docker image, which has their database schema, or their specific one, configured for Bonita. The new Docker image also includes its LDAP synchronizer, which also makes it easier to deploy, which will also be free of problems.

Bonita 2022.1 also offers a more robust and performance-enhanced runtime, as well as robust management of security vulnerabilities. It has dynamic permission authorizations activated by default, and the custom code that is added for permissions will remain intact in platform updates, avoiding giving more workload to the development team.

Regarding the update tool nice update, is intended for easy, automated versioning of Bonita process applications. On the other hand, the open source version of Bonita Community, with the necessary capabilities for the development and implementation of process automation projects, can be downloaded from this web page.

Miguel Valdés Faura, CEO and co-founder of Bonitasofthas highlighted that «cWith these and other new and improved capabilities of the Bonita platform, we are providing the tools we promised to offer developers to make testing and deployment easier for business-critical applications. Our strategy is to empower developers and the release of Bonita 2022.1 is specifically geared towards meeting all of their current needs.”

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