Bonus Pages and Rollover Pages in HP Instant Ink: What They Are, How They Work, and Tips to Take Advantage of Them

Additional pages and accumulated pages are two very important parts of the HP Instant Ink service, and at the same time they are two keys that are still they still raise a lot of questions both among its users and among those who are evaluating the possibility of registering.

With this in mind, we wanted to share with you this article where we are going to explain what they are, how they work and what you have to do to make the most of them. In case you have any questions, you can leave it in the comments and we will help you solve them.

For starters, what exactly are additional pages and cumulative pages? They are two elements with which HP Instant Ink best suits the user, and to unexpected changes in your actual printing needs. Thus, if one month your needs suddenly change, the additional pages and the accumulated pages can be of great help.

  • Additional pages: They are packs of pages that you can buy for one euro to print more when the pages of your plan have run out. They work automatically, but they are totally optional, that is, if you do not print more pages than your plan includes, or if you change to a higher plan, you will not consume any pack. They have a fixed price of one euro.
  • Accumulated pages: In this case, they are pages that you have not spent for a month, and that are saved so that you can spend them in the next month. For example, if one month you have 100 pages available but you only spend 50 pages, you will not lose the other 50, they will be accumulated for the next month.

How Additional Pages and Rollup Pages Work: A Closer Look

We have already anticipated that the additional pages are activated automatically, but for this we have to print more pages than our plan includes. Thus, for example, if you are registered in the printing plan of 100 pages per month and you exceed those 100 pages you will consume a pack of 10 additional pages, whose cost will be one euro.

Depending on the plan in which you are registered, the total number of additional pages included in each pack it varies. So that you have no doubts, we leave you the specific list of each plan:

  • 10 pages per month for 0.99 euros: you can expand in packs of 10 additional pages per
    one euro.
  • 50 pages per month for 3.99 euros: you can expand in packs of 10 additional pages per
    one euro.
  • 100 pages per month for 5.99 euros: you can expand in packs of 10 additional pages per
    one euro.
  • 300 pages per month for 11.99 euros: you can expand in packs of 10 additional pages for one euro.
  • 700 pages per month for 24.99 euros: you can expand in packs of 15 additional pages
    for one euro.

So you can keep your HP Instant Ink subscription under control, and to prevent you from buying extra page packs because of an oversight, HP will notify you when the pages included in your plan are about to run out. In this way, you will always be aware of the pages you have left, and you can decide if you want to stop printing when you use them, if you prefer to buy a pack of additional pages, or if you want to upgrade to a higher plan.

For its part, the accumulated pages also work automatically. When a month ends, HP Instant Ink save the pages that you have not consumed and add them to those included in your printing plan for the following month. In total, you can accumulate up to three times the maximum pages of your printing plan, and the additional page packs that you have purchased and that you have not spent also accumulate.

Tips to take advantage of additional pages and accumulated pages

Additional page packs They can be a very helpful solution in certain casessuch as when we are subscribed to the 300-page printing plan, or the 700-page plan, as long as we only need to print a few pages. If you are subscribed to a lower plan, it will be more profitable for you to upgrade to a higher printing planso keep that in mind and plan your decisions ahead of time.

To change to a higher plan in HP Instant Ink you will only have to enter your client area and select the new plan to which you want to subscribe. It is very simple, it won’t take more than a few seconds and it will have immediate effects, which means that you can continue printing without having to worry about anything. Organizing yourself and taking timely measures based on your needs at all times will help you make better use of the possibilities of the additional page packs, and combine them with the option of changing the plan.

As for the accumulated pages, these do not represent any type of limitation, that is, you can print them as you want, in color or black and white, and with the quality you need. With this in mind, one of the best ways to make the most of the accumulated pages is print those drawings or photos that you like so much, and that you had pending for a while. You can also take a look at the future, think about those things that you are going to need to print in a while, and advance taking advantage of those pages that you have accumulated.

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