Boost the productivity of your business with Ringover’s virtual switchboard

Communications via the Internet have become an indisputable necessity in the times in which we live and the tools available for this have proliferated in ways that could not have been foreseen just a couple of years ago. It is for this reason that having a virtual switchboard is today a good idea to boost business productivity to levels unattainable in any other way.

And it is that all the new communication channels that the Internet and new technologies have generated have largely forgotten a factor that is still key for many people: traditional telephonythe typical phone call of a lifetime and in the end the most used method to get in touch with companies of all kinds for reasons related to assistance, but also with the purchase of products and contracting services.

It is worth mentioning that the explosion of communications through the Internet is due, above all, to the very development of technology and the advantages it has brought with it. This phenomenon has changed the world and there are many companies that have been able to adapt to it from the beginning, taking advantage of all its benefits in favor of the business. A couple of years ago the pandemic arrived and did the rest: this type of communication was no longer just a matter of the avant-garde, but of mere survival.

The choice of one or another communication solution in small and medium-sized companies, however, has depended on more occasions on the desirable ones of the limited knowledge of employees with more desire than experience, leading to what is mistakenly considered the easiest way: any service free of those aimed at the ordinary user, but adapted to the needs of the business. It is usually a matter of time to verify that professionals and companies require something else.

Thus, it may sound a bit out of date to speak of telephone switchboards today, but everything evolves and the virtual switchboard has become the new swiss army knife of communications For anyone looking for a comprehensive solution for their business with which to cover all internal communication needs, but also with customers, without depending on large platforms that do not work the same.

Forget the concept of a switchboard that you have in your memory: Ringover’s virtual switchboard is a model of centralizing communications adapted to current technology and needs with which you can replace everything you use, expanding the functionality and reducing the bill. No matter where you look at it, they are all advantages, especially for freelancers and SMEs.

Ringover’s virtual PBX offers you a comprehensive cloud communications solution compatible with all the devices you already use in your company and with the only requirement of having a good Internet connection, no matter where you are: telephony, video calls, instant messaging… everything is included in the Ringover virtual switchboard, whose management is fully customizable and is carried out telematically without further complication.

Ringover’s virtual PBX has everything you need in one place

Ringover’s virtual PBX allows, of course, manage all the calls received by the company and redirect them between the different extensions assigned to employees. This endpoint is also customizable, so in a few steps you can create extensions for each employee, welcome messages, set up queues, schedule time availability and many other features to speed up its implementation and business efficiency.

Ringover’s virtual PBX includes other advantages, such as being integrated with the CRM or through an API, helping to unify business processes and, therefore, maximizing the value of the investment while minimizing infrastructure maintenance. contracted, which is borne by Ringover with the consequent savings and comfort. In some cases, the saving of the telephone bill alone can be 60% with this system.

Otherwise, Ringover Virtual PBX gives you everything you’d expect from a managed service, including an initial setup that can be completed in a few minutes without even the help of a technician. You have doubts? On the official Ringover site you can complete the information, take a free trial of the service and even request a personalized demo.

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