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The best method to advance professionally within our company or find opportunities in others to earn more money is by expanding our knowledge through a certificate. If we are self-taught and we like to learn on our own, great, however, in the face of companies, it is necessary to demonstrate that we have this knowledge and the only way to do it is with a professional certificate.

Microsoft offers a large number of company-certified courses, courses that allow people with that qualification to climb the ranks in the company they are with and earn more money doing the same tasks. But the Redmond-based company isn’t the only one offering this type of accreditation, as search giant Google also includes this type of training.

Google makes available to all people who are interested in expanding their knowledge in certain subjects, obtaining a professional certificate that proves they have acquired the necessary professional skills. These certificates are focused on jobs that are generally in high demand, such as data analysis, project management, information technology support, among others. Best of all, it is not necessary to demonstrate if we have any knowledge about these subjects to be able to take the courses.

Thanks to these courses, our curriculum will stand out above of the rest of the people who opt for the same job, since, like Microsoft courses, those that Google offers us are also widely valued by companies. We can do these courses online whenever we want, at our own pace, although we must complete it in a certain time.

Google Professional Certification Courses

As we have commented above, Google is focusing the courses it offers on 4 determined fieldsfields that are currently in high demand by companies and that have grown tremendously in recent years, as everything has become connected and available through the Internet.

  • Analysis of data. This certificate is made up of 8 courses that will teach us the basic skills necessary in the field of data collection, transformation and organization to draw conclusions and make predictions to make future decisions.
  • Information technology support. The Information Technology Support certificate is made up of 5 courses and with which we will learn knowledge about networks, operating systems, security and system administration. This course includes video lectures, tests, and practice labs.
  • Project management. The Google Project Management certification will allow us to learn our abilities to solve problems, define a plan to follow, guide the team, manage changes through the 140 hours that it lasts and that includes videos, evaluations and practical activities.
  • user experience design. The user experience is one of the most important at present, since it allows users to become loyal to a platform through a pleasant and accessible design. This certificate is made up of 7 courses that will prepare us at a basic level through applications such as Figma and Adobe XD.

All these courses have been developed in collaboration with and they do not need any type of previous degree.

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