Bouygues increases the price of certain Bbox offers by €4, how to refuse

Bouygues Telecom is carrying out a further price increase. This time, this increase concerns the Bbox Ultym Fiber offers. With an additional €4 per month, the amount of the subscription is now approaching €50 if you rent your box…

Bouygues price increase
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Like many operators with the exception of Free, Bouygues Telecom is a master in the art to regularly increase the prices of its various offers. In April 2022, the operator took advantage of the launch of the Bbox Wi-Fi 6E to increase the prices of its Fiber offers. The prices of the B&You package also increased by €3 during the same period.

This time, we have just received an email from Bouygues Telecom informing us of a new increase in the price of the Bbox Ultym Fiber offer. Usually billed at €42.99 per month (+€3/month for the rental of the box), the bill will now increase by €4 extra. Fact, we are now approaching 50 € per monthif we include the rental of the box.

Bouygues price increase
Credits: Bouygues

The Bbox Ultym Fiber offer is approaching 50 €

In exchange, subscribers will be able to enjoy 10 hours of calls to international mobiles to more than 100 countries. But beware, the operator does not stop there. Indeed, this new offer also includes the service My TF1 Max during 24 months, which notably allows access to TF1 programs without advertising.

That’s not all since subscribers will also enjoy majelan, a service specializing in audiobooks and podcasts. Again, Majelan will be offered per 24 months. Only, you should know that these two services will be renewed at the end of the 24 months. In fact, and if you are not careful, you end up with two additional subscriptions billed respectively at €3 and €4 per month… And again, these prices are likely to be modified later as indicated by Bouygues Telecom. What to further inflate the note.

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Bouygues price increase
Credits: Bouygues

How to refuse Bouygues’ new offer

Of course, one can criticize the practice, remains that the operator is entirely in his right. According to article L-224-33 of the Consumer Code, an operator can increase its tariffs under two conditions:

  • Notify the subscriber by email 30 days before the entry into force of the new prices
  • The improvement should only concern telecom-related services, such as a larger data envelope, calls abroad, etc.

Like any offer, you can refuse it and stay on your current formula. Just click on the link Stay on my current offer in the Bouygues Telecom email. In this case, you will keep your current Bbox offer without the 10 hours of calls to international mobiles and you will not benefit from the two services mentioned above for 24 months.

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