Bouygues Telecom: new price increase, the B&You plan increases by €3

In accordance with what seems to be becoming a habit, Bouygues Telecom has just informed its subscribers of a new increase in the price of packages. This time, it is the B&You offer which is concerned, with the now traditional increase of €3. In the email that accompanies this announcement, the operator is justified by mentioning the addition of 50 GB of data per month. It is of course possible to refuse this increase.

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When Bouygues Telecom does not add WiFi 6E to its Bboxes to attract the wealthiest customers, the operator increases the price of its mobile plans. The thing is now no longer surprising, since all operators, including SFR, have made it a habit lately. Indeed, the list of price increases is long and has just been enriched with a new entry. As often, it was by email that customers learned the news.

“Every day, we need more and more internet on our smartphone”begins by explaining Bouygues Telecom before announcing an evolution of the package, but beware: “at exclusive pricing conditions”. Subscribers to a classic mobile plan, who have already suffered an increase of €3 per month in January, are spared this time since only B&You customers are concerned.

Bouygues Telecom raises prices again, but explains how to refuse

Like this last increase, Bouygues Telecom is taking the pill by specifying that subscribers will be entitled, from May 27, 2022, to 50 GB of additional data per month. The envelope thus increases to 160 GB of mobile internet per month, a particularly substantial offer which one wonders who really needs it. Finally, the operator indicates that the 1st month of subscription offered until May 26, 2022.

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Finally, Bouygues Telecom reminds all the same that it is possible to refuse this new offer. If this is your case, “you have until July 26, 2022 to return to your B&You 110 GB without obligation”, underlines the firm. The message is accompanied by a link that will allow you to carry out the manipulation to avoid seeing your bill inflate. All you have to do is connect to your customer account and follow the instructions on the screen.

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