Box Drive is updated to be compatible with Apple Silicon

Box Drive

Although it has been more than a year since Apple launched the first generation of Apple Silicon the MacBook Air and the Mac mini with the M1 processor, we can still find a large number of applications that have not yet taken the step to be compatible with Apple’s ARM processors.

Box, the cloud storage service, has just launched a new update to its Box Drive application, an application that finally offers native support for Apple Silicon. In addition, they offer full support for macOS Monterey and a smoother and more secure experience.

As we can read in the Box blog where he has shared this announcement:

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have updated the Box desktop experience for Mac users. Based on the initial release of our support for Apple Silicon Macs, this new version of Box Drive has been built using vendor extension APIs from Apple files that offer a more secure and seamless experience on macOS.

With this new update, the Box Drive app adds 5 new features:

  • Full support for Apple Silicon
  • A smoother and safer box drive experience on all Macs with the new Finder integration
  • Box Drive compatibility with macOS Monterey
  • Significantly optimized installation experience for Box Drive on all Macs
  • Wider application compatibility by supporting Mac package files in Box Drive

In addition, this new update incorporates a new architecture that will allow build new Box Drive capabilities on macOS faster.

It seems that they have realized that it takes more than a year to offer support for Apple M1s, it has not been very good in the face of its clients, both private and business.

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