Boy made homemade guns: a sale got out of control and shot his sister to death

The case of a under 13 years old that accidentally murdered his 14-year-old sister caused a commotion in Georgia, United States. The child He made homemade weapons and sold them online; However, a transaction got out of control and when the buyers – who had tried to steal it – were shot one of the bullets hit the girl.

Officers of the Douglas County detailed that Wilson, the younger brother of Kyra scott, I had bought parts online for later make weapons of various types, including semi-machine guns, for sale later. This type of weapon is known as “ghost” since, because they are manufactured with parts that are offered on the internet, they cannot be traced due to the lack of a serial number.

It turns out that on November 27, the 13-year-old boy “made “a sale and the buyers went to his house, however, when he was in the middle of a transaction, one of the young men took the gun and they both started running. In his attempt to stop them, Wilson opened fire with them precisely with one of the pistols that he had armed. Unfortunately, one of the bullets hit Kyra and left her badly wounded.

Someone called 911 to request immediate support from the emergency services, however, the mother of both children did not wait and tried to take her daughter to a nearby hospital, but on the way she encountered policemen and paramedics, who unfortunately they could do nothing now the injuries were serious and the girl died shortly after arriving at a local medical center.

What happened to the girl’s brother and the thieves?

According to the Patch portal, 13-year-old Wilson and one of the thieving buyers, Yusef McArthur The, 19, were detained by Douglas agents; meanwhile, eThe other implicated has not yet been identified or detained.

Both are accused of grave homicide, but the alleged buyer of the homemade weapon will also face an additional charge, for theft, according to local media.

Undoubtedly this case has left the population dismayed, because according to Sheriff Tim Pounds, in his entire career he had not seen such a case. “A 13-year-old boy, weighing no more than 80 pounds, was able to make a gun from start to finish. At 13 years old…”Said the local official.

The investigation into Kyra’s murder remains open, so Wilson will remain in a juvenile detention center while Yusef will remain in the Douglas County Jail.


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