Brancalonia and Broken Compass nominated for the ENNIE Awards 2021

Nominations for the ENNIE Awards 2021 and among the candidates there are two role-playing games that fans will recognize immediately: Brancalonia And Broken Compass!

At the ENNIE Awards, the famous and prestigious fan awards for the role-playing sector, two manuals landed that were very successful both in Italy and abroad, and now… you just have to vote!

ENNIE Awards 2021: Brancalonia and Broken Compass nominated

Brancalonia (Acheron Books), the setting manual for D&D, is named in the following categories: Best Electronic Book, Best Setting, Best Writing And Product of the Year. Broken Compass (Two Little Mice), RPG inspired by the great adventure novels, movies and TV series, was instead nominated in the category Best Production Values.

It is already possible to vote on the official website of the ENNIE Awards and the awards ceremony will take place on September 17, 2021 (let’s keep our fingers crossed!)

Brancalonia is a setting Spaghetti Fantasy for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition, made by Acheron Books and Heroic Ignorance. A project that immediately aroused the interest of role players from all over the world, so much so that the campaign Kickstarter with which the manual was launched was incredibly successful!

Enter Brancalonia, a land full of pitfalls and earning opportunities, in the most incredible and sassy Italian RPG you have ever played! Create your own clique of scoundrels, join a gang, get yourself assigned some well-paid chores, go throw your hands around a bit and give a few stabs to those in charge. When you have collected a nice sum and climbed the ranks of your company a little, you will be ready to try your luck, for that last shot that could make you close in style …

With Broken Compass, the role-playing game from Two Little Mice, we will take on the role of Adventurers, men and women of action who travel the world facing dangers, searching for missing cities and exploring the tropical parts of the world to find, obtain or discover treasures priceless.

That’s what I like about people like you. No matter how many you have been through, how many bad thugs have beaten you up, how many suspension bridges have collapsed under your feet or how many poisoned arrows have sprung from the walls, it is never enough for you. As far as the Treasure is, you never stop searching.

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