Brave brings its VPN + Firewall service to Windows and macOS

Since the launch of its browser in early 2016, Brave has become, for many users, the synonymous with privacy. And it is normal, since his declaration of intent, which was summed up with the maxim “Fix the web”, and proposed to block ads and tracking codes by default, marked a before and after in the conception that many users have of how it should be. , in relation to your personal data, the experience of browsing the Internet.

Since then, we have seen how the browser has managed to win over a community of users, and at the same time how the company was growing its offer of products and services. The main example of this is Brave Search, the search engine that inherits its philosophy of protecting user privacy from the browser, and that recently announced its premium plan, or the VPN and firewall service that debuted in July 2020, initially only on iOS.

Since then and until now, this subscription service has been available through Android and iOS, in an interesting sign that the company seems to prioritize the mobile market over the desktop one. In this way, with a monthly fee of $9.99, or with an annual payment of $99.99users add the use of these two services to the protection that Brave already offers with the browser’s own functions.

However, the fact that the mobile device market is important to the company does not mean that it has forgotten about users who use Brave on PC. Thus, as he has announced on his official blog, Brave Firewall + VPN is now available for Windows and macOS. The deployment has started today, although it could take a few days for its reach to be global, so the company recommends checking it regularly for the next few days until the option is available.

There will be no changes in the subscription prices, at least initially, which will allow the use of the service in up to five devices. Additionally, users who want to connect more devices may do so with an additional payment of two dollars a month for each of them. For that price, these are the features that Brave Firewall + VPN offers, as described by the company:

  • Hide your IP address
  • Change your location online
  • Prevent your ISP from snooping on your activity
  • Access your favorite content wherever you are
  • Protect your Internet traffic in applications out Brave Browser

The last point is especially interesting, and it is that the protection offered by the service is not limited to the use of the Brave browser, but extends to the entire operating system, although in the particular case of Windows it will be necessary to install an additional complement. Therefore, we must take into account when assessing its price, that we are talking about a global, multi-system and multi-device privacy solution, which makes it a very interesting option.

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