Brazilian model and gang leader has her husband killed on her son’s birthday

Camila Marodin is a brazilian model and was arrested on suspicion of being the leader of a criminal group in Brazil and to have been the mastermind author of having sent beat and murder her husband Ricardo Marodin during the birthday celebration of his seven-year-old son in the city of Pinhais.

According to police reports, Ricardo was shot to death at the end of the birthday party of his son by men the police think worked for him. However, the investigations are directed towards his wife Camila Marodin for which she was arrested in the coastal city of Matinhos in Paraná, Brazil, according to information from the Daily Star.

The police followed Camila’s trail as she was the main suspect in her husband’s murder because days before, the woman had revealed to the agents that it is most likely that her husband could be Killed while involved in a tragic case of mistaken identity.

They find millionaire payments in Camila Marodin’s account

Three days after the death of her husband Ricardo Marodin, she was associated with the murder of two policemen Thiago Cesar Carvalho and Guilherme Antonio da Costa in the Cajuru neighborhood in Paraná.

Camila had already been investigated for a year for her alleged leadership in the criminal organization. During that time the police found financial payments in the woman’s bank account for almost 5 million pesos.

Following her capture, the Brazilian authorities froze the defendant’s account along with 13 high-end properties valued at more than 11 million pesos, in addition to seizing two audis cars, a honda, a chevrolet camaro and a porsche.

Along with the properties and cars, the police too found 39 long guns and more cash within the properties of Camila Marodin.

Ricardo Marodin was shot by a group of armed men who arrived at his seven-year-old son’s party aboard a silver-colored Volkswagen voyage from where they shot him.

With information from Daily Star.


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