Briefcases with which to take your iMac anywhere

Key features of an iMac briefcase

When choosing the briefcase, suitcase or accessory that you are going to use to transport your iMac, you have to take into account a series of key points. At the end of the day, although it is an accessory that you are going to use on rare occasions, because really a user will not be daily transporting a computer of such dimensions, it has to be a high quality accessory since it has to meet a series of requirements. vital points to keep the device in good condition. Next we leave you the points that you have to value before acquiring it.

  • The material from which it is made the briefcase is one of the most important points. You have to take into account the way in which you are going to transport it so that, in one case or another, you need an alternative that has enough protection to keep the iMac safe at all times.
  • The compatibility It’s fundamental. Obviously, a case for a 27-inch computer will fit a 24-inch and a 21.5-inch, however, these will be much looser inside it and can lead to damage. Therefore, always buy a briefcase that is made for your iMac model.
  • The comfort When transporting it, you also have to take it into account, especially if the distance or time that you are going to have to carry it is very long.
  • The design It is, perhaps the least important point, but that you also have to take into account in the case of an accessory that is going to transport a device from the Cupertino company.

Carry your 27-inch iMac whenever you want

As we have mentioned before, taking into account the size of your iMac is essential to choose the right accessory (s) so that when it comes to transporting it, it has enough security and you can carry it from one place to another comfortably. Especially considering that Apple’s 27-inch iMac is a device with a considerable size despite the fact that, within the market, it has a design that makes it very thin and light.

Checkerboard Bag for 27-inch iMac

We start with a bag that will allow you to store your 27-inch iMac inside it and transport with ease. In it you not only have the possibility to enter your Apple computer but also has compartments to store all accessories that you use together with it, something that, without a doubt, will be very helpful as you do not have to have another external accessory for them.

It is a product that It has been specially designed for the 27-inch iMac so it will be perfectly protected. It has a padded foam support to guarantee the safety of the computer at all times. Thanks to the carrying handle and shoulder strap, transporting your iMac with this bag will be very easy and comfortable.

CURMIO Transport bag with wheels


In this case, the Curmio company provides one of the most comfortable alternatives that you can find on the market if you want to transport your 27-inch iMac with all the ease in the world. All this thanks to this suitcase in which you can put your Apple device and take it wherever you want as if you were wearing the clothes you have chosen to go on vacation inside.

It has a fabric of sturdy nylon with velvet lining that will protect the computer from both dust and possible scratches. In addition, it also has a thick padded lining that will help at all times to reduce the possible blows that you may suffer during the journey. It also has different compartments where you can insert the accessories that you use with the iMac, such as the computer, keyboard, hub …

CURMIO iMac Computer Bag

CURMIO bag 27

We continue talking about the Curmio company, which in this case offers a completely different alternative to the previous one. We are talking about a bag that you can perfectly attach to your iMac and transport it with ease. That if, it is an option that does not completely cover the computer, but to use it for short journeys it seems one of the best alternatives.

Again, it is an accessory that has been specially designed for the Apple computer. It also has multiple pockets for storing all accessories that users use alongside their iMac. It is made of nylon material that is resistant to both water and dust. It has a velvet coating that will keep the iMac away from any scratches it may suffer.

kwmobile cover compatible with 27 inch iMac

kwmobile 27

To finish the offer of accessories to transport Apple’s largest iMac, the 27-inch iMac, now we talk about one cover to keep your iMac screen well protected while it goes inside your suitcase, briefcase or bag. Undoubtedly, the most delicate and important part of the iMac is its screen, and despite the fact that all the alternatives that we have discussed previously more than protect the integrity of the device, it never hurts to offer extra protection to the screen.

Is a accessory that has been thought and designed especially for the 27-inch iMac so its compatibility is total, as well as how comfortable it is to attach this cover to the device. In addition, it is made of a very flexible and resistant thin textile, which perfectly fulfills the function of protecting the screen of the device.

Take your 24-inch iMac anywhere

We have already told you about different accessories to protect the 27-inch iMac on all occasions when users have to transport it. Now it is the turn of one of its little brothers, the 24-inch iMac, which despite having a smaller size is also important to provide it with the appropriate means to keep it in perfect condition when transporting it.

Trunab monitor bag for 24 inch screen

Trunab 24

Although this carry bag was not specially designed for the 24-inch iMac, it was designed to be compatible with all monitors with that screen size, so if you have an Apple computer of this size, here you have an ideal alternative if you want to take the iMac to a different place than you currently have it.

Count with one three-layer material design, offering that security that every user of a device with these characteristics needs to have. Of course, it has different compartments where you can store all the accessories that accompany the computer and that are essential for its use.

kwmobile 24-inch iMac Compatible Case

kwmobile 24

In the same way that previously the transport bag had not been designed and developed especially for the 24-inch model, in this case this screen case has been specially manufactured for the iMac. As we mentioned before, having a cover for the iMac screen seems practically essential to be able to provide the device with that extra security in a part of it as delicate as the screen.

This way you can keep the screen away from dust, fingerprints, UV rays, splashes or any external agents that may damage it during transport. It is made of a very soft and resistant light plastic. In addition, it also has a compartment where you can put the different accessories that accompany your iMac.

Protect your 21.5-inch computer well with these accessories

We have already talked about the accessories that you can use to protect and transport the 27-inch iMac, in the same way we have done it with the 24-inch iMac, and now it is the turn of the little brother of the family, the 21-inch iMac, 5 inches. Despite being a smaller screen size, it is also necessary to have the appropriate accessories when transporting it.

Checkerboard Bag for 21.5-inch iMac

Checkerboard 21.5

If you take a look at the accessories that we have proposed to transport the 27-inch iMac you will realize that this bag is exactly the same, therefore, if for the older brother of the iMac it was a fantastic option to transport the computer , in this case too. In addition, it is a product that has been specially designed and developed for this computer model.

Grants you a fantastic protection to the device of the Cupertino company, thanks to the padded foam you have to protect it. Besides, also has an extra reinforcement for the screen, so that it will be more protected if possible, a necessary protection for the most important part of the device. Thanks to the handle it has, it offers the user the possibility of transporting it in total comfort.

Hosoncovy Carrying Case for 21.5 Inch Monitor

Hosoncovy 21.5

Although this Hosoncovy brand carrying case has not been developed exclusively for the 21.5-inch iMac, it is. fully compatible with this device, and in addition, it is a fantastic alternative for all the options and facilities that it gives the user to be able to transport it comfortably.

It has different compartments where you can save both the keyboard and the mouse that you use with your computer. It is made of high quality 600D oxford fabric, it is wear-resistant, anti-scratch, dust-proof, waterproof and durable. It also has a non-slip handle to make it easier for the user to transport it.

CURMIO Computer Case for 21.5-inch iMac


Another alternative very similar to the one we discussed earlier is this one offered by the Curmio brand. It is a bag with which you can transport your computer with ease, in addition, since it is the 21.5-inch iMac, the weight will be better than that of its older brothers. This bag has been specially designed for this model, so its compatibility will be total and perfect at all times.

Made with nylon, this carrier bag is water resistant and very durable. In addition, it has a leather strap that you can use to carry the device in different ways. It also has a velvet lining that will provide that extra protection that a device of these characteristics always needs.

kwmobile Case compatible with 21.5-inch iMac

kwmobile 21.5

As we have told you with the 27 and 24-inch models, have a extra protection for the screen It will never be a mistake when transporting a device of such large dimensions and where the screen has so much prominence. That is exactly what kwmobile comes to offer with its case.

Obviously it is a totally complementary accessory to the bags, backpacks, briefcases or suitcases that you can use to transport the iMac, since it will add that extra protection to the screen in order to prevent it from suffering any scratches during the journey. In addition, it also has a small opening where you can easily insert the monitor support and place it without any problem.

Which option is the most recommended?

As always when we carry out this type of compilation, we want to tell you which is the option that most attracts our attention to the editorial team of La Manzana Mordida. When it comes to granting protection to a device, you always have to err by excess than by default, and even more so if we are talking about an iMac, a computer with such peculiar characteristics.

Therefore, if we focus on the 27-inch iMac, we would choose to use the transport case offered by the Curmio brand next to the ckwmobile screen aperture. For him 24-inch iMac the two options that we propose would be totally adequate, both the trunab carry bag As the kwmobile screen protector. Finally, for the 21.5-inch iMac we stay with Damero brand carry bag and again, with the ccover for kwmobile screen.

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