Brighten up your streams with the Ozone Spot X46 professional light

With the Spot X46, Ozone aims to create the perfect companion for anyone who streams. Having good lighting but that is directed towards you can mean the difference between quality streaming or an amateur one, and if you can also do it with a dimmable, configurable light that can also be placed virtually anywhere, what else? can be ordered?

Ozone Spot X46, the best professional light for streaming?

Ozone Spot X46

Ozone Spot X46
kind of product LED ring light
Number of LEDs 240
Total power 50 W
Color index RA> 90
Color temperature 2700 – 6500 K (± 200)
Hoop diameter External 460 mm
Internal 320 mm
Accessories Tripod (adjustable 49-190 cm)
Carry bag
Feeding Plug
USB port
Size 460 x 460 x 29 (light ring)
Weight 2400 ± 30g
Price € 59.90

When you are doing a live broadcast and you have the webcam activated, it is essential that your face appears well lit since, otherwise, it will not be seen well. This can be achieved either by having the light on, which would spoil the atmosphere of your room a bit, or with a light that focuses on you. The problem is that properly placing the light so that it illuminates your face but does not dazzle you is complicated, firstly because the lights bulge and it is difficult to find the best place to place them, and secondly because they are generally not focused but are lights. of environment.

The Ozone Spot X46 is an LED lighting ring kit with a 46 centimeter diameter, composed of nothing less than 240 LEDs They offer continuous lighting (which does not flicker, thanks to the fact that they are LEDs) and that provide natural light that will illuminate you directly without blinding you. This is achieved thanks to its circular shape, something that favors shadows are removed that normal lights generate and making it light up exactly the area you want.

In addition, the Spot X46 kit includes a height-adjustable tripod that will allow you to place the spotlight exactly where you want … what is more, you can do without the tripod and use its universal 1/4 anchor to incorporate it into your setup without having to modify any. In addition, it has a support for smartphones, tablets or even webcams in the center, ideal for podcasters or influencers who use their mobile phone for transmissions and, in fact, it has a USB port to charge the battery of your device while you use it (yes, the light will have to be connected to a socket of conventional current to work).

Ozone Spot X46

One of the greatest advantages that this type of light gives you compared to a traditional bulb (in addition to the fact that, as we have already mentioned, it does not generate heat) is its versatility. The Spot X46 has a remote control that will allow you to select both the color temperature (from 2700 to 6500K) as the intensity, with a 4,000 lumens maximum (It has a total of three lighting modes and 10 selectable brightness levels), thus being able to create the atmosphere that seems best to you at all times. For example, if you are showing a product to the camera, you will want to have white light with the maximum possible brightness, but if you are simply chatting, you may want to lower the intensity and change the color temperature to create a more welcoming environment.

Do you really need a dedicated spotlight for streaming?

Streaming Focus

As always, it will depend on what you aspire to achieve, but from now on we tell you that if you intend to create the most professional environment possible, the answer is yes. As we have already mentioned before, there is the possibility of using normal bulbs, but the light dispersion of these devices is much greater, which means that they illuminate more than necessary and can create shadows that will impoverish your transmission. In addition, they heat up and consume a lot, so they are ultimately an ill-advised option for this task.

However, using a lighting ring like this one from Ozone that we are talking about today, a notable improvement in image quality is achieved for quite a little money, since the light will focus only where you want it to focus and, being circular, generated shadows are largely eliminated. It is therefore an optimal solution to improve the quality of live broadcasts, since it will improve the sharpness with which you appear on the screen.

To this must be added the benefits of the Spot X46, such as the one that has a tripod that will allow you to regulate its height up to 2 meters, or its universal anchor that will allow you to incorporate it into what you already have mounted without the slightest setback. To this must be added the fact that LED lights have a much greater durability than conventional halogen lights, not to mention that you can configure both the intensity of the lighting and the color temperature to your liking, being able when you want to create the environment that suits you best.

Obviously you have other alternatives (including not even having more light than what the monitor gives on your face), and that’s why at the beginning we said that it depends on what you want to achieve. The fact is that, if you want the quality of your live broadcasts to be good, you will have to take action on the matter and find a solution … starting with the lighting you use.

Price and availability

Ozone spotlight

The Ozone Spot X46 light ring will be available from the beginning of November at a suggested retail price of 59.90 euros, quite reasonable if we consider that, as we have mentioned before, it includes the aluminum tripod with height adjustment, the remote control and the carrying bag to be able to carry it comfortably from one place to another.

As usual, we can find it in the network of usual stores of this brand, including Versus Gamers, Amazon Spain or PcComponentes.

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