Bring your Windows desktop to life using an animated background

From the Configuration settings in Windows 10 we can see how it is only possible to choose an image to set it as the background on our desktop. It also allows the possibility of making a presentation with several photos that will alternate, although the effect is not as striking as the possibility of having a video or GIF as a background.

And it is that putting a video or GIF as wallpaper is something that has become common on mobile phones, but by default Windows 10 doesn’t support it. In order to circumvent this limitation, we must trust third-party applications. There are several tools that can help us achieve a more attractive desktop background, so today we are going to show you how to achieve it.

Push Video Wallpaper, one of the most complete options

We started talking about an application like Push Video Wallpaper which will allow us to play all kinds of animated content on our desktop as a background. With it we can play videos, animated GIFs, YouTube videos and YouTube videos live. In addition, when our computer is idle it can also function as a video screen saver. This program has a free version which is compatible with the most recent Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, which will show us a watermark in the lower left part of the screen. The license price is based on the 9.95 euros.

To start using it, just download it from the website of the program’s creators. Once downloaded, it is installed quickly by creating a shortcut on our desktop. When we execute it, its main menu appears from where we have available a playlist where we have a demonstration video, a demonstration GIF, a demonstration YouTube video and a live YouTube video as a demonstration. In this way we can test how each type of background would look on our desktop.

Push Video Wallpaper add videos

At the bottom it has a toolbar from which you can pause or stop the image, advance or go back to the next one, and change the volume. We also have on the right side the possibility of add a video or GIF URL or add directly a file from our hard drive. If we click on the “Add URL” button we will only have to paste the address of the video that we want to add and click on “Add to playlist”. From the «Add» button, we can add videos or GIFs locally. It is also possible to create our own playlists where you can add videos or GIFs to be played as a presentation.

Push Video Wallpaper add new Playlist

Wallpaper Engine, extreme customization of our backgrounds

We are talking about an extreme wallpaper customization software, allowing us to obtain maximum control over it. WallpaperEngine It will allow us to use all kinds of wallpapers, from fixed ones to those that are moving in 2D and 3D and with sound. Therefore, it will be possible for us to set as many videos as background, such as GIFs, applications, web pages, etc. that will be played in real time. It is, of course, a payment application, with a price of 3.99 euros and that we must acquire through the Steam platform. It is compatible with Windows 7 (with Aero), 8.1 and 10 operating systems.

Wallpaper Engine
Wallpaper Engine

Developer: Wallpaper Engine Team

Once installed and from its main menu we can change the wallpaper from the “Change Wallpaper” option at the top. This will make a new window appear with a selection of funds, which we will only have to click on to be applied directly. So that we can preview it, a small thumbnail appears on the right side. In addition, we can set color the color of the taskbar, the Start menu and the borders of the windows to our liking.

Engine Wallpaper make adjustments to the backgrounds

The program also features a settings section (Quality) for the funds from where we can establish if we want the quality to be high, medium or low. It is also possible to configure Anti-aliasing, the FPS to which it moves or the resolution. In addition, we can create our own animated backgrounds from the Create Wallpaper section. From here, we can create a scene, a video, a web page or an application as a background for our desktop.

Wallpaper Engine create background

BioniX Wallpaper, free and compatible with images, videos and GIF

It is a program gratuitous With which we can change our desktop background for another static image, as well as videos or GIF animations. It is possible to import them from any location on our hard drive to the program’s own playlist. We can configure BioniX Wallpaper so that the background changes every so often that we choose and even to function as a wallpaper when the computer is inactive. The application is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 and 11 and can be downloaded from the developer’s own website.

Once we execute it, we can access its main menu, being able to choose Spanish as a language and between a simple or complete interface for more advanced users. Precisely its interface is not its strongest point since it is quite improvable since nor it is precisely easy to find all your options. At the bottom we find the “Playlist” tab where we can see all the images and videos available. When you select it, it will be applied automatically, showing us a preview at the top. We can also add our images and videos stored on the computer from the fourth tab starting from the left or by pressing the keyboard shortcut «Ctrl + F».

BioniX Wallpaper add video

From the tab «Wallpaper mode», we can configure how we want the wallpaper to be displayed on our computer. By default we have the Slide Show. We can also choose the “Photo Stack” that allows us to make a collage of images to set as wallpaper. The option “Day / night wallpaper” allows us to configure backgrounds that are lighter during the day and darker at night. In addition, we can set a programmed background, a clock as a wallpaper, or a Matrix animation. Finally, in the “Countdown” tab, it will be possible to set the wallpaper to change every certain time that we specify.

BioniX Wallpaper Mode wallpaper

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