Brisby and the secret of NIMH: an animated event series is coming!

If you are among those who remember with pleasure Brisby and the secret of NIMH, arguably one of the darkest (and most beautiful) animated films of our childhood, then you will be happy to know that Fox is producing an animated series based on the Robert C. O’Brien fantasy book series The Rats of NIMH.

An event series from Brisby and the secret of NIMH is coming

According to Deadline, Fox is developing the project as one event series, based on the 1971 book series that began with Frisby and the Rats of NIMH and to which they followed Rasco and the Rats of NIMH And RT, Margaret and the Rays of NIMH; two sequels written by O’Brien’s daughter Jane Leslie Conly.

The series will follow the story of Mrs. Frisby, “A mouse who, in an attempt to save her family, embarks on a spectacular journey through an unknown and underground world to discover a colony of super-intelligent mice who have escaped from a laboratory, who help her on an exciting adventure to transfer her home before the plows and the exterminators arrive ”.

“We are really increasing our content, making deals with creators to have our own animation” said Michael Thorn, president of Fox Entertainment. “There are exceptions, where we are working with other partners to help grow our list, such as Bedrock with Warner Bros and Clue with eOne, but ownership is definitely a key part. We love our family programs, they’re iconic, but we’re looking to go beyond the family and start exploring more dramatic things. “

We do not know if the project in question is linked in some way (or has completely replaced) the remake film of Brisby and the secret of NIMH announced a couple of years ago, in which it seems the Russo brothers were also involved.

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