British Royal Family: These are the things your members can’t eat

The British Family has a fairly strict protocol where they end up forbidding certain things such as clothing or in this case we will talk about the foods that family members cannot consume inside and outside of Buckingham Palace.

Strict protocol for royals prohibits many things such as some clothing, no public displays, no selfies, no autographs, but they also have some rules when it comes to food, starting with having to stop eating when the queen finished.

This time we are going to talk about the dishes and foods that cannot be eaten inside and outside of Buckingham Palace, this as part of the protocol. The information was revealed by Darren McGrady, the Palace’s former chef, in an interview for The Telegraph.

The chef pointed out that within the instructions given to him when he entered the kitchen of the royal family, they gave him the protocol, where a list of foods that cannot be eaten in public was marked, since they are considered as “too risky” to consume them outside the palace, this because they can suffer an intoxication or something like that.

Some forbidden foods

Within the talk, he revealed that seafood, foie gras, garlic, pasta during dinner are some of the things that are prohibited in the protocol, being the rule of “No starch at night” one implemented by Queen Elizabeth II, as she does not like to eat those things when she dines alone and is very strict with her diet.

“No potatoes, rice or pasta for the night. He usually dines on something like grilled sole with vegetables and salad, ”Darren mentioned to The Telegraph microphones.

Then they commented on some peculiarities when they travel abroad, where it is prohibited are the sauces made with tomato, tap water, raw meat sandwiches with shore, spicy things, among others are those that cannot be ingested during a trip.

So at the end of the day, the royal family has many prohibitions largely to preserve the lives of its members, as they seek prevent a number of possible diseases; while many other rules are based on the feeding of the queen.

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