Broadcom buys ConnectALL value stream management platform

broadcom has bought the provider of the ConnectALL value stream management (VSM) platform, with the goal of adding integrations to its portfolio of ValueOps VSM products and services. The terms of the purchase agreement are unknown, as is the price Broadcom has paid for the company.

What they have revealed from Broadcom are the specific plans they have for the platform that ConnectALL offers: integrate it with their ValueOps platform. This includes the agile Rally solution and Clarity project management tools. The final objective of the operation is to increase Broadcom’s offer in terms of value flow management and digital transformation.

As they have pointed out from Broadcom, «the combination of ValueOps and ConnectALL’s complementary technology will allow clients to connect and integrate a wide variety of third-party software tools, as well as accelerate digital transformation efforts by radically improving visibility, alignment and efficiency in the organization«.

Sergio Lucio, Vice President of Broadcom and Head of its Enterprise Software Divisionhas highlighted that «once we started working with ConnectALL to leverage third-party integrations, we quickly discovered that our two companies share a similar vision of empowering organizations to transform their businesses, and drive change for the betterment of people and their purposes, as well as and the planet, through value flow management«.

For his part, he ConnectALL CEO Lance Knighthas stressed that «Over the past few years, ConnectALL has built a strong and respectable business and an award-winning value stream management platform used by some of the world’s largest corporations. For all this, we have focused on training and empowering people«.

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