Brother updates its Color Label Editor 2 application

With the release of the Color Label Editor 2 application, Brother made a major move in response to the growing needs of its customers and professional users. This application allows customize in a very simple wayaspects as important as the texts, the color and the images of the labels that we are going to use.

To make its operation intuitive and affordable, Brother’s Color Label Editor 2 allows us to choose from a wide gallery of templates, fonts and backgrounds, among which are included from a photobooth with a built-in timer and templates for multiple sectors or areas of application, to specific templates designed for companies and stores.

This new update of Brother’s Color Label Editor 2 is fully compatible with the new VC-500W printers, which are based on ZINK Zero Ink technology and which, as some of our readers may know, allows you to create adhesive labels in different colors effortlessly. . By combining it with the possibilities offered by this new application, we can create high resolution labels with the design and size we need (up to 431mm in length).

Brother has also improved the Color Label Editor 2 interface, which is fully customizable, and works using the printer’s own Wi-Fi connection, which means that, to take advantage of it, we do not have to go into complicated configurations. Another of the key points of this application is that we can use it to share content and to be connected to the main social networks.

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Also, easily share label designs with other VC-500W users, and print them directly from the app. This new version of Color Label Editor 2 is now available on the Android and iOS app stores, Google Play and the Apple App Store, is completely free and replaces the Color Label Editor app 1. I remind you that this version will stop working at the end of February this year, and that we will have to update to the new version in order to keep our designs.

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