Browse the internet more safely on Edge with these extensions

The Microsoft browser has protection against tracking that prevents them from collecting information from us, to activate it, in the panel we must select Balanced. We can also choose Strict, but this can interfere with some web pages.

Within the section of Privacy, we can activate Submit Do Not Track Requestswhich is nothing more than a signal that the browser sends to other websites when we surf the net so that they do not track us.

Edge Privacy

We can also manage edge security from its corresponding section from where we can activate or deactivate Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, Block potentially unwanted applications, Typosquatting Checker, Activate site security services to obtain more information about the sites we visit and Use secure DNS to specify how to search the network address of websites.

Edge Security

Privacy plugins

When we browse the Internet we can find different elements that affect our privacy. Beyond the internal configuration of Edge, we can make use of these plugins.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials, search engine based on privacy

DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused search engine with an Edge plugin that is equally focused on protecting our privacy online. In this way, it tries to keep our data safe from anyone who wants to see it, in different ways. On the one hand, automatically blocks any hidden trackers of third parties that we may encounter when we visit any site on the Internet. This makes it more difficult for the companies behind those trackers to collect and consequently sell our data.

It also has an integrated search bar for the DuckDuckGo search engine, so that we can navigate quickly and easily in a safe way. The plugin also rates any page we visit so we can know how safe we ​​are browsing. These grades are rated on an AF scale, so they are intuitive to understand and allow you to get a better idea of ​​what websites are and are not safe to browse. Plus, it enables Global Privacy Control so you can automatically express legal opt-out rights, as well as more features like mandatory encryption wherever we browse. We can download it from the Microsoft store.

uBlock Origin, filters content and prevents invasion of privacy

It is a free and open source extension for content filtering, mainly aimed at neutralizing the invasion of privacy through an efficient and easy-to-use method. The default behavior of uBlock Origin when installed is block trackers and malware sites, being designed to work with custom rules and filters. Additionally, it has an advanced mode that allows uBlock Origin to work in default deny mode, which will cause all third-party network requests to be blocked by default, unless we allow it.

Once we install this extension we can easily deselect any of the pre-selected filter lists if you think uBlock Origin is blocking too much so that we can have it set to the desired privacy level. We can download this plugin for free.

Privacy Badger, blocks third-party trackers

This plugin is basically a tracker blocker. With its installation in the browser, it prevents advertisers and other third-party trackers from secretly tracking where we go and what pages we view on the web. If an advertiser appears to be tracking us across multiple websites without our permission, Privacy Badger will automatically block that advertiser from loading any more content in our browser. This extension offers excellent privacy features without breaking too many features of the website.

Privacy Badger is in charge of taking note of the domains of “third parties” that are in charge of embed images, scripts and advertising on the pages we visit. If the extension notices that a single third-party host is tracking you on three separate sites, it will automatically reject the content of that third-party tracker. Privacy Badger has three slider colors, red, yellow and green. Red means that the content of this third-party domain has been completely rejected. Yellow means the third party domain appears to be trying to track you. Green means “no action” and the plugin will leave the domain alone. Download this plugin from the Edge plugins page.

Extensions to keep the edge secure

When we browse the internet we can find many things that seek to harm us, so it never hurts to feel especially protected. Therefore, these extensions will help us maintain security when using Edge.

Norton Safe Web, tells us if a website is safe or not

This add-on has been developed by the creators of Norton Security Suite, whose goal is to make the Internet a safer place while we browse. To do this, it informs us if the website we are visiting is safe or not. this extension provides security information for each page that we load by querying Norton’s remote URL reputation service, which is regularly updated with the latest threat information. Norton Safe Web takes care of automatically blocking malicious pages and downloads so that we can enjoy a safe online experience.

For unknown websites, the plugin will show a grayed out question mark and for safe websites, it will show a green tick. For less secure websites, it will change to warn us of a potential danger. This allows us to exponentially avoid dangerous sites, online scams and identity theft while browsing. And, best of all, it’s simple and discreet, so we won’t notice it. Download it from the Microsoft website.

HTTPS Everywhere, forces sites to change the HTTP format

It is an extension created by EFF and the Tor Project that is responsible for forcing all websites to change the potentially insecure HTTP format to the more secure HTTPS format. It is therefore an ideal complement if we are looking for something that really changes the information that our browser sends and receives. Therefore, HTTPS Everywhere is a great way to keep our data safebeing an excellent function while we browse and that we can use constantly.

While the settings we have available for this plugin are relatively limited, they are not particularly complicated. The best thing is that simply by installing it we will forget that it is there while it protects us from possible threats. Download this extension from the Edge plugins page.

LastPass, manage passwords securely

This plugin is a free password manager that will allow us to store them securely without having to remember them by heart or write them down on paper or in Notepad. We must bear in mind that weak passwords can cause them to end up hacked and that is where this extension comes into play, as it allows us to create passwords and save them securely and hard to hack as they are unique to each website.

We will only need a master password to access our account. We can also store passports, cards and other numbers that we do not want to remember and that are difficult for hackers to access. And all this for free. Download LastPass for Edge from the Microsoft website.

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