Brutal quarter for Apple and the sale of Macs

This quarter’s financial results were again a record for an Apple entrenched in sales growth. Month after month the company continues to add good figures and is not stopped by the COVID-19 pandemic or the shortage of components, at least until now. Based on data released by Apple at this quarter’s financial results conference, the company sold 2% more Mac computers than in the same period last year.

This translates into revenues of $ 9.178 billion. only for the Mac sold. The truth is that the great success of this quarter has undoubtedly been the iPhone, achieving revenues of 38,868 million dollars, exceeding by 47% the figures obtained during the same period of the previous quarter, which is Q4 2020.

Wearables add 12% more sales than in the same period of the previous year, achieving a revenue figure of 8,785 million dollars. On the other hand, services also continue to grow at a good pace and exceed the same period of the previous year with 26% more income. They closed the quarter with revenues of $ 18,277 million. If we talk about the iPad, it is also possible to grow 21% compared to the same period of the previous year, achieving total income of 8,252 million dollars. These figures are clear and show us that Macs have grown in revenue but not as much as other products.

We have no doubt that Apple will continue to grow in numbers in the coming months, although it is true that some analysts are warning of a decline in sales due to a shortage of components. In a few months that the holidays and gifts arrive it can really be a problem for Apple. In any case, a slight drop in income now will not be a very negative thing either. taking into account the problems outside the firm, it remains really strong in a complicated market and the best thing is that it has been breaking all its sales records for some time.

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