Build 22000.71 is here: more news for Windows 11!

For now, this new version of Windows 11 is available exclusively to Insider users signed up to the Dev channel. Microsoft could launch the first “beta” of its new Windows 11 at any time, but for now, we can only download and test this OS From the most unstable channel

Windows 11 build 22000.71

What’s new in Windows 11 build 22000.71

This new compilation of the OS stands out for bringing news and new features that we did not expect to see. The first one comes in the form of a new entertainment widget. Although at the moment this widget is not available in Spain, Microsoft’s objective is to allow us to discover new films or series available within the Microsoft Store, access all the information about the title and, if we want, to reproduce it directly from there.

Windows 11 build 22000.71 - New widget

Another interesting novelty is that, at last, the contextual menus that appear when you click the right button have been updated to adopt an acrylic effect, like many other elements of the system. Now these menus look so much better than ever.

Windows 11 build 22000.71 - context menu

Microsoft is also testing using a SplitButton to create new files or folders from File Explorer, and has updated the taskbar preview (when hovering over a window) to fit the overall layout of Windows 11.

Windows 11 build 22000.71 - round thumbnails

Bugs fixed in Windows 11 build 22000.71

How could it be less, Microsoft too has fixed a lot of bugs and errors detected in previous builds. Little by little, Windows 11 is taking shape. The corrected errors are:

  • Taskbar
    • Fixed an issue with sorting icons that caused apps to be minimized.
    • The list of actions reappears when you long click on an app icon.
    • The context menu now disappears when clicking outside of it.
    • Shift + Right Click redisplays the window menu.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the mouse to move slowly over previews.
    • Fixed an issue with icons when using multiple desktops.
    • Fixes when using IME keyboards.
    • Fixed an issue with clicking the keyboard icon causing quick settings to open.
    • The Esc key now dismisses the task view when hovering over it.
    • Explorer.exe no longer hangs when hovering over task view on taskbar.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the date on the calendar and the taskbar to be out of sync.
    • Now all users can see the lunar calendar date without problems.
    • Fixed a bug that made the taskbar fully transparent.
    • Right-clicking on the support icon now brings up the context menu.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the icons in the corner of the taskbar to squash against the top.
    • The tooltip for the location icon in use on the taskbar should now appear.
  • Setting
    • Fixed an issue that caused settings to crash when opened.
    • Using the volume mixer sliders is now much more responsive.
    • Correction in the information text of the size of disks and units.
    • Removed an unnecessary link in the backup section.
    • The battery and power settings page should no longer hang.
    • Fixed a grammar error on the login settings page.
    • Returned the “I forgot my PIN” option.
    • The “move apps and features” option works again.
    • Colors should reappear correctly when switching between light and dark mode. Performance has also been improved when switching between themes.
    • Improvement in the placement of elements within the “Themes” section of the configuration.
    • The pen menu options were out of sync with the actual options.
    • Changes to the “dismiss notification” option within accessibility should now persist.
    • Fixed an error that made some icons, within the section of elements that we can enable from the configuration, appear incorrectly marked as “file explorer”.
    • Changed the text of the “connect” option in the quick configuration to “transmit”.
  • File Browser
    • Double clicking on the command bar button should now close any drop down menu.
    • The new command bar should now appear when the “Open folders in a separate process” option is checked.
    • Fixed a problem when using the “Open with> Choose another application” option.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the desktop and context menu from appearing.
  • Look for
    • The option to verify the account works normally again.
    • When hovering the mouse to a second monitor, the floating menu will now appear on the correct screen.
    • If we open the beginning, and start typing directly, now the search is activated.
  • Widgets
    • The Calendar and Tasks synchronize faster with the widgets if we use the Outlook client with a Microsoft Account.
    • There are no more problems adding multiple widgets quickly.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause widgets to get stuck on loading.
    • The traffic widget now adapts to the light or dark theme of Windows.
    • Correction in the title of the sports widget.
  • Other fixes
    • Alt + Tab no longer gets stuck.
    • Narrator now has no problem bumping into the emoji panel.
    • The lens panel of the magnifying glass already has round corners.
    • Improved reliability when launching the start menu in some builds.
    • Improvement in the text «Most used» in the list of applications.
    • Zooming in the list of apps should now not dislodge them.
    • It is no longer necessary to press “Tab” when using the Windows + Z shortcut to open Snap.
    • By opening and closing windows quickly, the acrylic effect is no longer left on the screen.
    • Fixed an annoying flare when moving some windows.
    • Borders now have more contrast by disabling the option to display accent color in title bars and window borders.

Errors pending to be solved

Microsoft has also updated the list of known bugs within this build and that are pending to be solved. These errors will be corrected in the next builds, and they are:

  • Start
    • You cannot enter text when searching from the start or from the taskbar.
    • Work is being done to improve the functionality of the Windows + X menu.
  • Taskbar
    • Explorer crashes when clicking on the date and time in the taskbar to access notifications when concentration assistant is disabled.
    • The taskbar flickers when you change the input method.
    • The preview of the taskbar can be drawn off the screen.
  • Setting
    • When opening the configuration a green flash appears.
    • Accessibility settings may not save properly.
    • The button to rename to PC does not work.
    • Settings hang when clicking facial recognition from settings if Windows Hello is enabled.
    • The options to reset the PC from System> Recovery do not work.
  • File Browser
    • Explorer may crash when using some languages.
    • The context menu may appear partially off the screen.
    • By clicking on an icon on the desktop, it may select the wrong item.
  • Look for
    • When clicking on the search icon, the panel may not open correctly.
    • Hovering over the search icon may not show recent searches.
    • The search panel may appear black.
  • Widgets
    • The widget board may appear empty.
    • When launching links from the widget panel, the widget may not load in the foreground.
    • Widgets can be wrongly sized on external monitors.
  • Store
    • The install application button may not work.
    • App ratings and reviews are only available for some apps.
  • Windows Defender
    • Erroneous “Standard hardware security is not supported” message on supported computers.
    • Automatic submission of samples to Microsoft is unexpectedly disabled.
  • Location
    • Some users may lose some translations.

Are the big and long updates over with build 22000.71?

Although no one has mentioned it, a detail of this new build 22000.71 has caught our attention. Instead of downloading a full system image, and doing a full update, Microsoft you have downloaded all these changes and what’s new in a KB patch normal, as if it were just another update. Yes it is true that it took a while to install, but we have not seen the typical screen of updating Windows features, we have not had the PC in use for half an hour.

This would be, of course, the best news of Windows 11, and would end the main problem, and the biggest complaint, of Windows 10. It remains to be seen if in the end, this is really so.

We remember that this build 22000.71 is a test version, unstable. Windows 11 still has many bugs, and some very annoying, that can spoil the experience of using the new OS. For this reason, we recommend installing this new version only on computers that we are going to use as tests, or on virtual machines, but never on our main PC.

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