Build 22499 is coming to Windows 11, and now you can share windows

The development of Windows 11 continues its course. It is true that the operating system is already among us, and that more and more users are encouraged to install it and give it a chance to see if Microsoft has really delivered what it promised. However, everyone who has tried the new Microsoft OS has realized that they still have a lot of work ahead of them, and it is a system full of bugs and errors that, sooner or later, must be fixed. Thus, as part of this evolution comes the new build 22499.

This new build is now available to all Windows 11 Insider users targeted within the DEV channel. To install it, we just have to go to Windows Update and look for new versions of the operating system through Windows Update. The download and installation of the system is the same as any other, a relatively large update that will take several minutes to download and another as long to install.

In addition, this time, Microsoft has also published a new ISO image thanks to which we will be able to install this new build from scratch, very useful for those who have not yet installed the operating system or for those who do not want to go through the Windows process Update. If we are interested in it, we can download it for free from here.

What’s new in Windows 11 build 22499

The Windows 11 taskbar has been one of the elements most criticized by users. Therefore, little by little Microsoft is improving its operation and adding all kinds of functions that were left in the pipeline. Last week, for example, the ability to mute a Teams call from the system tray was added. And now comes a new feature to Teams: the ability to share windows from the taskbar.

Share window Windows 11 build 22499

While we are on a call, we just have to open the preview of any window and choose the option to share window that will appear just below this preview. In this way, all the participants of the call will be able to see the window and all its content until we want to stop doing so.

Another novelty that we can find in this version is that, as requested by users, the clock app now allows us to log in with Microsoft work and school accounts. In this way, we can take better advantage of the concentration functions and be more productive.

Finally, Microsoft is working on making the task view, and the Alt + Tab panel, easier and more comfortable to see.

And, if we have reached this build as Insider users, Microsoft will give us a new badge called “Shipped Windows 11”.

Bugs fixed

How could it be less, Microsoft has fixed a significant number of bugs and errors present in the operating system. Most of these fixes are part of the Insider branch, and until a new big Windows 11 update arrives (something that will arrive after summer 2022) they will not reach all users. However, the company reserves the ability to bring some of these fixes to the stable version of the operating system.

The changes that have been introduced with this new build 22499 are:

  • Entry:
    • The clipboard history, which had stopped working in previous builds, should work properly again.
    • Clicking on a GIF from the emoji panel will add it to the program, as long as it is supported.
    • Back-end dictionaries for multiple languages ​​updated.
    • When changing the main system color, now the emoji panel should change as well.
    • Fixed a bug that caused a crash on IME keyboards.
    • Mitigated a bug in explorer.exe related to the touch keyboard.
  • Windows:
    • Fixed a bug that caused explorer.exe to crash if we pressed Alt + F4 when Alt + Tab was open.
  • Others:
    • Fixed an issue that caused some unexpected clipping or zooming in the user experience assistant.
    • The apostrophe in the error message not recognizing a fingerprint should now display correctly.
    • When taking a screenshot in a UWP application using the “new” button in the Snipping Tool, it now returns to the foreground.
    • Fixed the error “SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED” when exiting a suspended state.
    • Fixed an issue with the MediaPlaybackCommandManager that made some players unable to play videos.
    • Fixed a bug that caused system reliability reports to appear blank.
    • Fixed an issue that caused some games to have a significant lag when having the screen focused in the foreground.

Errors and problems pending to be solved

In addition to the bug fixes, Microsoft has updated the list of bugs and issues to be fixed. Some have been around for a long time, while others have just been discovered by Microsoft or reported by users.

The list of these errors is as follows:

  • General:
    • When upgrading from a build to the latest DEV using an ISO image, some users see a warning stating that it is a Flight Signed build. We must press the “Enable” button, restart the PC and try again.
    • An error code 0x80070002 prevents installing new versions or other updates.
    • Some users may see error code 0xc1900101-0x4001c when trying to install this update. And the only solution is to pause the updates and wait for a solution to arrive.
  • Beginning:
    • We may not be able to enter text when searching from the start menu or taskbar. We can easily fix it by pressing Win + R, closing the dialog box and continuing to use Windows normally.
  • Taskbar:
    • Taskbar flickers when changing input methods.
    • Investigated an issue where the clock gets stuck on the taskbar and does not update when logging in from Remote Desktops.
  • Windows:
    • On some keyboards, the status lights (such as caps) do not work properly when upgrading from a previous build.
  • Seeker:
    • When clicking on the search icon, the panel may not open. We can fix it by closing the Explorer.exe process and reopening it.
  • Quick settings:
    • Some users report that the quick controls for brightness and volume do not work properly.

Little by little, Windows 11 is becoming a stable and refined system. But there is still a long way to go. For now, it is better to continue using Windows 10, as it will offer us an improved experience of how the system works.

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