Bullfighter Neon mixes bullfighting, Neo-Geo and Cyberpunk in a very retro cocktail

From time to time we come across truly amazing titles within the landscape of national video game development. There you have that mythical Damn Castileor more recently the sensational Blasphemous, with Seville’s Holy Week as the protagonist. Now, the Relevo studio, from Bilbao, has decided to do its part to develop a game that smacks of classics, of bullfights and, also, to that futuristic atmosphere that colors everything when cyberpunk is put in the middle thanks to the flavor of the old 16-bit pixels.

Very arcade bullfighting

Essentially, Bullfighter NEON is nothing other than a fun adaptation of the Spanish bullfighting festival to the language of some society of the future. Taking elements from classics like Speedball (1 and 2) of the Bitmap Brothers, or more clearly of the Soccer Brawl from SNK for its Neo Geo, this title invites us to take the crutch of light to give all the passes we can to a cybernetic bull that, luckily, will not hurt too much the banderillas and rapiers of grace.

Still, do not think that this Bullfighter NEON contains a simulator of tasks of teachers true to reality. To put it quickly, these are bullfights in which the different thirds are adorned with very arcade hazards, very videogame-like: beams of light that appear and disappear and when we touch them we lose a life, bombs that fall at previously indicated points on the screen and even superpowers and attacks by animals that will surprise us by shooting at us with their own weapons installed on their bodies metallic.

Bullfighter NEON meets all the requirements of that genre that had so much prestige in the 90s when the studios launched to develop games based on sports of the future, only here, that interest includes practically all areas of the game: from the graphics to the gameplay, the gameplay mechanics and of course the music (work of Gryzor87), which If you hit play on the video, you’ll know what the Relevo guys are capable of achieving.

Bullfighter NEON.

Several bullfighters and a goal to meet

On Bullfighter NEON we will have the opportunity to handle a total of six different bullfighters: a Spanish, a Mexican, an American, a Japanese, a Russian cyborg and finally something similar to a minotaur, for that of making room for magical creatures in such a technological environment . The gamer neon sign will show different movements, with their own personality, and in case you are interested in the destination platform of this game, It will arrive first on Steam. Of course, if the economic objectives that have been set are completed, in Relevo they have raised versions for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

Bullfighter NEON.

But for all of the above to be fulfilled, the Relay boys have set out to get 28,000 euros in its crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter. At the moment they are exceeding 7,000 although they have almost a month ahead of them to reach that amount which, of course, we hope they will achieve and, if possible, exceed it. In this way we could have at home this bit of homage to the games that forged us in the 90s, even if we didn’t have a Neo Geo at home (but we did have a few arcades nearby with a SNK machine).

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