Business+ launches a new tour of events to promote SMEs

From MuyPymes we collaborate editorially with B+ SMEs Tour 2023, a tour of face-to-face events that they have organized from Business+ for this year and which is intended to promote and accompany leaders, small entrepreneurs and managers in the management of their business. It will discuss the importance of reinforcing value chains, will analyze the convergence of technology and business, and will show how to manage delinquency and collection periods or liquidity and the need for treasury, among others.

The main objective is to offer attendees the knowledge and experience of the professionals and companies that participate and accompany them at a time of maximum economic uncertainty, using direct interaction and networking as a format.”, explains Miguel Ángel Robles, CEO of Business+.

SMEs as the engine of the economy

The events will be free to access and will last approximately four hours. During that time, experts will carry out a series of presentations of interest to SMEs. A few days for reflection, the diagnosis of the situation, the search for solutions, the analysis of needs and the empowerment of our greatest strengths in which you can also grow your network of contacts. All this, with the aim of activating the full potential of our SMEs, which make up 99.2% of our productive fabric.

The best networking

The participation of a large number of managers and professionals is expected in the “Business+SMEs 2023” tour, exceeding the figure reached in previous years in which more than 5,000 people participated. Among them will stand out general directors, managers, administrators, financial directors, RR directors. HH, Marketing directors, Commercial directors and Sales directors.

The first meeting will be held on March 9 at the Sercotel Valladolid hotelregistration is free and is already open on the Business+ SMEs Tour 2023 website. Here, you can check each location:

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  • Valladolid, March 9. Business+ SMEs Tour Day.
  • Saragossa, March 21. Business+ SMEs Tour Day.
  • Bilbao, April 25. Business+ SMEs Tour Day.
  • Seville, May 9. Business+ SMEs Tour Day.
  • Madrid, June 6. Business+ SMEs Tour Day.
  • Castellón, June 8. Business+ SMEs Tour Day.
  • Guadalajara, September 26. Business+ SMEs Tour Day.
  • Vigo, October 3. Business+ SMEs Tour Day.
  • Malaga, October 24. Business+ SMEs Tour Day.
  • Barcelona, ​​November 9. Business+ SMEs Tour Day.
  • Pamplona, ​​November 14. Business+ SMEs Tour Day.
  • Santander, November 16. Business+ SMEs Tour Day.
  • Valencia, November 23. Business+ SMEs Tour Day.

One more year, Business+ has the best allies to carry out events such as Northgate, Wolters Kluwer, and Zoho Corporation. This tour is a great opportunity for companies to present their solutions and services and shortly, we will confirm the presence of other major brands that have guaranteed their presence on this tour.

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