Business spending tool, Payhwak, offers a 3% refund on your payments

Payhawk recently announced the introduction of a 3% refund on all your payments. Likewise, the financial system that encourages the management of business expenses has been integrated with Microsoft Dynamics and has implemented single sign-on for business customers. The company’s integration with Google Pay and Apple Pay has already been done in more than 30 countries.

Payhawk’s new suite of business tools and features is targeted at high-growth multinational companies that are expanding and need a comprehensive and solid platform to control company spending without inaccessible administrative expenses.

Hristo Borisov, CEO and co-founder of Payhawk said: «Finance teams today typically use multiple independent tools for payments, invoices, and expense management. Often hundreds of thousands of euros are paid in licenses to different vendors adding the expense of additional integrations to the company’s main ERP system. We combine all these business tools in a single solution, along with the first corporate card in the industry that returns 3% of everything paid by card, limited to our subscription. In this way, we reinvest a part of the commission that we obtain from Visa, to subsidize the licenses of our clients who spend with their corporate cards. Our clients get enterprise-grade financial software with the most efficient company card at zero cost. “

Payments, invoices and expenses

Payhawk combines the management of payments, invoices and expenses, closing the gap between banks and ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning). In doing so, Payhawk enables finance teams to reduce manual labor, maintain tight control of budgets in real time, and fully automate spending across all payment methods. Rather than using five to six tools in different markets, Payhawk offers a single solution for finance teams that can serve businesses in more than 30 countries.

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Payhawk also announces the reconciliation of expenses and payments to Microsoft Dynamics streamlining all the administrative work around the management of expenses of the company. Single sign-on with support for SAML and Active Directory is also making its debut for business customers who want maximum security and easy employee access to company cards, refund claims, and more.

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