Businesses like the new MacBook Pros with the new M1s

That the new processors that carry the new MacBook Pro presented on the 18th, are amazing, there is no doubt. That the new laptops have become the new darlings of the American company, either. All this news we already knew, but what companies are providing their engineers with the new MacBooks with M1 Pro Max, it is something new and very beneficial for the Apple company.

Twitter, Uber and many other tech companies are upgrading their engineers’ Macs with the all-powerful MacBook Pro M1 Max with 64GB of RAM. It seems like a minor thing, but we are talking about two eminently online companies. That is, with capabilities and needs for high-capacity performance and in need of rapid responses.

A person in charge of the Uber company, Mahyar McDonald, shared on Twitter that “all active iOS engineers at Uber are upgrading to 16″ MacBook Pros M1 Max with 64GB RAM. ” He even says this includes new hires, that made his post very popular.

A week later, a senior Twitter employee, John Szumski, shared similar news: “I’m excited to roll out fully loaded MBP M1 Max to all of Twitter’s iOS and Android engineers! We are seeing improvements in both the top-of-the-line performance as in thermal regulation that currently affect our Intel builds.

Gergely Orosz, from The Pragmatic Engineer, also noted that in addition to these companies, Shopify is also delivering “the latest M1 MacBook Pros to engineers.

It seems that the reason for this change in trend in companies is the new and valuable productivity that can be achieved with the new Apple computers. If a company you plan to get more than you spend, then it’s worth it and that’s what happens with the new MacBook Pros with new M1 Pro and Max.

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