But where *#$@#S did this HIFI Rush come from?

There are times when you find success when you least expect it and looks for it. And that is exactly what has happened in the last few days after the cyclone of showcase with Bethesda in which many titles were discussed and, some, undercover. It has been one of them HIFI Rushwhich is available for Xbox, PC and Game Pass in the cloud, the one that in less than a week has climbed all the success rating rankings you can imagine.

An unbeatable formula

The fact is that the game was announced in a surprising way, without anyone having any prior news about it and that, on top of that, it was coming signed by Tango Gameworks, those responsible for works so radically different from HIFI Rush What The Evil Within. With all this on the table, any fan could think that what is the reason for this explosion of gameplay that reminds us, glancingly and without delving too deeply, of names like Jet Set Radio either Sunset Overdrive. For gameplay they have nothing to do (obviously), but they do in that colorful, frenetic first look and practically close in appearance to that of a comic.

In fact, HIFI Rush hides a very simple development but tremendously effective in which the platforms are mixed and the need to synchronize everything we do while respecting the rhythm of the music. That, whether we like it or not, also relates this title by genre to masterpieces of the level of rezalthough its appearance and development are radically different from those of the jugarral from SEGA. But mix everything we have said and imagine what can come out of there.

The fact is that in just a few hours (not a single day had been completed for sale), HIFI Rush had reached the top download in PC stores like Steam, and in Game Pass things were not very different.

HIFI Rush.

What are you waiting for?

If you have a PC, or an Xbox and you have subscribed to Game Pass, do not hesitate. download this right now HIFI Rush Because it’s a completely different experience than anything you’ve played in the last 12 months. Why? Well, it moves away from concepts as popular as those sandboxexploration, role-playing, adventures and it drives us to simply jump, to demonstrate that 8 and 16-bit ability that we all have carried inside since the days of the NES, Mega Drive or Super Nintendo.

It’s funny that Microsoft has (accidentally?) found a possible way into its wasteland of scoops in projects that seem like they came out of a gathering of colleagues telling each other the craziest ideas imaginable. High on Life west HIFI Rush They are signs that studies must be left free so that they revolutionize, so that they demonstrate their talent beyond forcing their work with strict, closed formulas and often simply guided by fashions.

Xbox and PC are lucky to have this game, which is addictive (as was said a few years ago) like few others and which When he grabs you, he doesn’t let go for hours. And we do not say it to please the ears of the mistreated Microsoft users, but because surprisingly and given how they presented it in the showcaseit seems that no one in the gaming division led by Phil Spencer was aware of its full potential.

But now that we have it, we have to celebrate it in style and to the rhythm of the music.

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