Buy a discounted iPhone 13 at Apple? We tell you the trick

One of the main problems that many users see in Apple is that it is a company that never offers discounts on its products, so from the moment they go on the market until a new version is presented or they are directly removed from the Apple Store, they cost exactly the same. However, something that not many know is that you can buy discounted products at Apple. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

Apple products are not going to say that they are expensiveSince that ultimately depends on the performance that users are able to get from them, now, what is clear is that they have a high price, and this is purely objective data. Also, as we said, Apple is a company that rarely lowers the prices of its products, and the iPhone 13 is a very good example of this.

iPhone 13mini

When Apple launched the new iPhone 14 on the market in September, the usual move would have been to lower the price of the iPhone 13, as is usually the case and as was the case at the time with the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. However, The price increase suffered by the iPhone 14 caused the 13 to remain at the same starting price one more year, in fact, it currently costs the same as what it cost the day after its launch.

However, there is a way to be able buy Apple products at a lower price than usual, being something that not many people know about and that, of course, helps many users to save a good amount of money. It’s about the refurbished products, that is, devices that are not completely new, but that have Apple’s full guarantee that they are as if they were new because they have passed a series of processes and checks that have confirmed that said equipment is completely suitable for use by users. users. Also, being Apple you can be sure that the products are like new.

The iPhone 13 is already in Apple refurbished

The iPhone 13 has been added to these refurbished products, thus being a more interesting option than before, since in the end the price that users will have to pay to buy it will be less than if they went directly to the Apple Store for it. . Without a doubt, it is a highly recommended option, because as we said, you can have all the guarantees that the product is as if it were completely new, in fact, it would be difficult to differentiate a newly purchased iPhone 13 from an iPhone 13 refurbished by Apple itself. .

iPhone 13 mini cameras

And it is that, if the iPhone 13 is already one of the most recommended products for users, with the prices it has in Apple refurbished even more. You can currently purchase the iPhone 13 of 128 GB for 769 eurosthat is to say, 140 euros less of what it would cost if you bought it completely new. In addition, it is available in different finishes such as Blue or Star White. But beware, you also have the iPhone 13 mini and other previous models available, with discounts, again, very interesting.

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