Buy a drawing for 600 pesos and it turns out to be a million dollar work by Albrecht Dürer!

The garbage of many is the treasure of others. This popular saying applies very well to a man from the state of Massachusetts, United States, who has found that a drawing he had acquired five years ago may have come from the most famous artist of the German Renaissance: Albrecht Dürer (Albrecht dürer) and could be worth several million dollars.

It is a sketch of a woman with a baby and at the bottom it has the signature “AD”, bought it for $ 30, thinking that it was a copy of some 20th century work. The subject, who wants to remain anonymous, turned to various experts after suspecting that his work could be older, but at first no one wanted to attend to him.

He had a very old work of art in his hands

After a while, the collector Clifford schorer advised him and they went to the Agnews gallery in London, where Christof Metzger, specialist in Dürer’s works and chief curator of the Albertina museum in Vienna, and Giulia Bartrum, historian and curator of German drawings at the British Museum, determined that the drawing was by Dürer.

Experts believe that the drawing was created in 1503 as a sketch for the famous watercolor painting ‘The Virgin among a multitude of animals’, from 1506. The history of this work is not very clear, only that the architect who belonged before the current owner bought it received it as a inheritance from his grandfather, who in turn bought it in 1919.

The Agnews gallery has not yet specified the price of the drawing, as there are still tests to be done to determine that it is authentically by Dürer; however, Schorer estimates that the work may cost up to 50 million dollars.


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