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Many times we have told you that only having one genuine windows license you will be able to access the necessary security updates and, of course, also the latest features that are introduced from time to time in the operating system. However, with the number of online stores out there claiming to sell original licenses to low price It is normal that you can get involved or become suspicious, so in this article we are going to tell you what is the fastest, safest and easiest way to get your original license paying the minimum.

Before we start, a little tip: If you want to have Windows 11, remember that upgrading from Windows 10 is still free, so you can save some money by buying a genuine Windows 10 license and then upgrading from the latest version directly. .

Buying genuine Windows 10 is that simple

As we have said before, there are many online stores that claim to sell original software licenses at a low price, but the reality is that not all of them are very reliable. Now, from our experience we can recommend one that works perfectly well, that is cheap and that also gives you all the facilities and security that you need for maximum peace of mind. This is, and they always have offers that leave licenses at very attractive prices.

As you can see, you will get these prices when using the discount code HZ35 during the purchase process, and using it is as simple as adding it to the shopping cart before making the payment. The purchase process in this online store is similar to any other, but with the advantage that they accept PayPal for payment, which in addition to being instantaneous is very safe and has protection for you, the buyer, so you don’t have anything to worry about.

In just a couple of minutes after making the payment, you will receive your original Windows license both by email and on your store customer page, from where you can use it to activate your copy of the operating system and thus enjoy all the benefits to have original software.

And how is this license used to activate Windows?

When you buy a genuine Windows license online, you’re not buying a physical product, but a license key, which is why you’ll receive it almost instantly. Don’t worry, because this is perfectly legal since a European Court ruling in 2012 ruled that software licenses have the same validity as if they were physical products, so their sale is legal.

So, when you have the license code, just click on Start and then hit the gear icon to access Settings. In the window that opens, go to the menu on the left to Update and security, and then to Activation. In the central area you will see that it says “Change license key”, which is where you should click.

Activate genuine Windows licenses

A small blue window will appear, which is where you must type or paste (CTRL + V) the license code you have purchased. After doing so, click on Next and your PC will connect to Microsoft servers to validate that it is original, and after a few seconds, your operating system will be activated forever, which will entitle you to receive all updates (including free update to Windows 11, as we told you at the beginning).

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