How To Buy The Best Auto Parts Online

If you are passionate about mechanics, a fan of vintage cars, or just want to save on the cost of repairing your car, you have already wondered about buying online autoparts. This area can really seem intimidating because the choice is so large and the risk is high when buying the wrong parts or worse, counterfeit parts. This is why it is better to tackle the problem methodically by following strict rules. Here are some of them that should save you most of the possible setbacks.

Know exactly what you are looking for

Finding the right part for your car is sure to be no easy feat. It may seem obvious, but many people go into buying a lot of auto parts without really having made a list of the parts they want. Depending on the nature of your repair or the ongoing vehicle renovation that you are considering, you must first find out from a professional about the nature of the parts to be acquired. Also, try to find parts lists on specialized sites or in technical books devoted to certain models.

This work upstream of any purchase is important because in most cases people buy more parts than necessary or unnecessary parts. Moreover, the first reason 40% of the resale of auto parts on the used market is their purchase in error.

Compare the conditions of the different sales sites

On the Internet, you will find a large number of car parts store websites online. But not all are created equal. Take the time to go through the first and eliminate those that you find not very serious, or held by occasional, unprofessional, or unreliable merchants.

Then, among the sites that remain in this sorting, take the time to compare the conditions of sale, the warranty policy and also the delivery methods as well as the prices of the latter.

After-sales service is also a parameter to take into account. What are the site’s return policies and what does it provide in the event of defective, broken, or damaged parts on delivery? Are returns systematically the responsibility of the customer and what supporting documents should be provided in the event of disputes?

A final step will be to check the payment methods offered to see if they seem reliable and suit you personally. Then, browse the customer reviews: this will be the last filter that will give you a good overview of the seriousness of the site or that will scare you away if you read too many negative reviews that seem credible to you.

Based on above all conditions, we find Fixsaver is among the best online spare parts store that is reliable and affordable. They offer both, new and used spare parts, so you can easily choose what you want from their wide range of categories.

Obtain the OEM number

The OEM number is an English acronym that stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and is used to designate the manufacturer’s reference of an automobile spare part. This unique reference that the car manufacturer assigned to a part mounted on a vehicle is a certificate of authenticity and suitability of the part to the model in question. Therefore, you should buy genuine online autoparts only, so you don’t have any issues after the assembly.

A motor vehicle can only have one OEM number per part. And it is this digital code that you can use to ensure the compatibility of an auto spare part that you buy for your vehicle.

To find your OEM numbers, you must have the VIN number of your vehicle and go to specialized sites according to the brands and finally select the part you want to acquire.

Find promotions

When shopping online autoparts it is important to know how to find the right promotions and bargains. They are often numerous and allow great savings.

Once you’ve picked out the auto parts sites that you think are serious, take some time to look at their business practices.

Also, don’t forget to follow their various pages on social media and subscribe to their newsletter if they have one. Or if not, you can create a customer account even without placing an order. These different methods are the best way to be informed in advance of promotions, end of series, or various punching operations on prices. Finally, observe the seasonality of the aftermarket auto parts market to identify the times of the year that are most conducive to good deals.

And the tires in all of this?

Just like car parts, tires can also be purchased online at TDot Performance. Despite their size and weight, the shipping costs are not that high as you might think. On the internet you can easily find new cheap tires, however, it is rare that the tires are sold on the same websites as mechanical parts. It will be necessary to go through specialized sites, or websites selling aluminum rims.

Indeed if you decide to buy a pack of rims on the internet, which will also necessarily be cheaper, it is advisable to buy the tires with it. You will then have a better price on the whole and generally, the mounting and balancing of the tires on the rims are offered. One more saving.

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