Buy the Nintendo Switch with the lowest offer in its history on Amazon

Nintendo Switch at its all-time low

Amazon has taken advantage of the new interest generated by the console to place a surprise price on one of the versions of Nintendo. And it is that the union model is currently offered with a price of 279.99 euros, if this is not the lowest price the Nintendo switch on Amazon throughout its history.

Recall that this model is the second generation of the console, which does not include important hardware changes but does include energy efficiency, since the battery goes from 3 to 4 hours at least and can reach up to nine hours of use compared to the six hours offered by the first model. The rest remains the same, since there are no changes at the performance level (Super Mario Odyssey will continue to work just as well in both one and the other).

Is it worth buying a Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch VR Mario

In the absence of less than a month for the launch of the new Nintendo Switch with OLED screen, some users are probably thinking that it is not the best time to buy a new console. But the truth is that the version that will arrive in the month of October simply offers the panel change, and it will not give away any type of new experience that implies greater performance or the possibility of playing exclusive games.

Unlike the Lite model, the classic Nintendo Switch offers two Joy-Cons with which two players can play on the same console, in addition to including the dock with which to connect the console to a TV to play in large inches. Of course, whenever you want, you can transform it into a laptop and play wherever you want. It’s the magic of Switch.

Therefore, this offer that we come across today is a magnificent opportunity for those users who could not get hold of the console at its launch, can now take advantage of this magnificent discount never seen before. What’s more, we could say that it is even a magnificent price with which to advance a Christmas purchase, so you better not miss it.

An opportunity that you should not miss

Nintendo does not usually offer deals. What’s more, the price of the Nintendo Switch hasn’t dropped since it was launched in 2017, so this price is quite special. If you are looking for the portable option with the possibility of connecting it to the TV and you are not interested in opting for the OLED panel, this offer is the best you will probably be able to get in the coming months.

And considering what usually happens around Christmas time, maybe now is the perfect time to get one and keep it until December (if you can handle the surprise).

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