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With the launch of the new iPad, one of the most repeated conversations is the compatibility with the Apple Pencil. The new tablet only accepts the first generation of the stylus, but because it has a USB port, you can’t directly charge the stylus on the iPad. The solution involves an adapter and a cable that makes everything look ridiculous, so if you’re one of those who can’t stand that situation, you might like this solution.

cheaper impossible

Bearing in mind that the official Apple adapter to be able to connect the Pencil to the new iPad has a price of 10 euros, this product of Timovo It seems to us like a great option to put an end to your problems. And it is that this charger offers a female Lightning port in which to connect the Pencil, with the peculiarity that the pencil remains placed as if in an inkwell. A very original design that will allow you to show off the pencil when you are not using it, and incidentally it will always keep the accessory charged so that when you go to use it it is at 100%.

The hole for the pencil is accompanied by another hole in which to place the protection cap that we will have to remove to load the Pencil, so that we do not lose sight of what is possibly the most lost accessory in the entire Apple catalog. We will also have a small screen from which to know exactly what charge is available in the Pencil, and in the lower part, a silicone bottom will keep the accessory firm on the surface of the table without movements.

As if that were not enough, in the front area of ​​the base we will find a 2.4A USB port which will serve to charge other devices at the same time.

always take it with you

Apple Pencil Charging Cradle

The USB connection cable is integrated in the base, and has a total length of 1 meter. The base is so compact (5.5 x 5.5 x 2.6 centimeters), that you can always take it with you wherever you want, so it is also an option to consider for trips.

Of course, you need an external charger to be able to connect the base and charge both the Pencil and the device that you connect to the front USB port. Don’t forget that, so if you don’t have a decent charger laying around the house, you’re going to have to buy a proper one so that it has enough amps to take advantage of that 2.4A of front port charging.

Apply the 50% discount

The official price of this accessory is 20.99 euros, but thanks to the discount that you can apply right now, this charging base lowers its price to some interesting €10.50. To enjoy the offer you only have to apply the discount in the product file and then in the basket you will see it applied correctly before paying. It is without a doubt a very interesting accessory that, in addition to being practical, will serve to give a touch of distinction to your desk with that peculiar design.

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