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Sony seems determined to bet on the PC, among other things because after what was seen with the experience of God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Death Strandingboth spider-man by Imsomniac (the remastered and Miles Morales), days goneetc., the numbers seem to add up and the sales figures support the effort of making the conversions. So as a result of this new Japanese policy, we have Uncharted The Thief’s Legacy Now available.

Two great games in one

First of all, remember that this Uncharted The Thief’s Legacy it is a compilation what includes Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End Y Uncharted The Lost Legacy. Two developments originally developed for PS4 that supposedly represent a continuation but one (the first) is starring Nathan Drake, and the other by Chloe Frazer. so as good gamer that you are, you will have a crazy desire to try it on the screen of your vitamin super computer with one of those graphics cards with ray tracing and everything.

But of course, times are not for waste. Between the price of electricity, gas and inflation that goes up and up, any euro we can save will be welcome and it will allow us to invest that benefit, or in more video games, or in savings for future purchases that we need. So let’s try this Uncharted The Thief’s Legacy It leaves us for a peak less than the price recommended by Sony, which has it set at 49.99 euros.

And here we are going to take advantage of a feature that shines especially in the PC market: the hegemony of the digital format over the physical, which in practice does not exist and if someone dares to sell a boxed title, surely what we are taking home is a code to redeem, either on Steam, or on the Epic Games Store. So let’s look for the alternatives we have to save by buying this game.

Precos Uncharted PC.

Let’s look for Uncharted deals

The first thing we recommend is that, unless you want to pay those 49.99 euros, do not go through the official stores. The best thing is that we dive the internet on some of the verified sites that sell Keys to redeem later on Steam (especially) or on the Epic Games Store. Thus, in G2A, you can find keys for the Valve platform, both global and European, at a price of 34.99 euros. That is, 15 less than the official price of the game.

However, if we travel to Eneba, which is another of the reference and 100% reliable websites, we will verify that the price is reduced a little more to 33.82 euros for a global Steam key, that is, we can also redeem it in our country. Of course, remember that these platforms could add an extra cost of around 2.5 euros depending on the chosen payment method, which is zero if you opt for the so-called Eneba wallet and it is possible to recharge before making each purchase.

Finally, you have the option of Gocdkeys, which is not as popular as the other two and in which you can buy right now a Steam global key for Uncharted The Thief’s Legacy for 28.76 eurosapplying a promotional code that reduces its PVR by 14%.

As you can see, in all cases the discount is more than interesting and makes this title a must have if you have a PC… and even a Steam Deck.

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